House Closure

We are finally going to do it! YAY! Got a call today that we will sign the loan docs on Monday and we should get the funds on Tuesday. This has been such a crazy process but im glad it is coming to an end so we can start the next crazy process... MOVING!!! PAINTING!!! RE-DECORATIN!!! Im glad we bought a house so we wont have to keep doing this. Wow! So the house warming party was at first going to be September 19th... but now i think we will wait until the end of September, beginning of October for the shindig to take place. Andrew and I are so busy with work and it's almost his homecoming season so getting him off for a weekend is next to impossible. I will kepp everyone updated but as of right now that seems to be the question... When is the house warming party?... so i will let yall know when we have a set date. It WOULD be nice though for you to maybe leave a comment and let me know if a FRi or SAT works best for your fam...??? Yes okay... please do:)


What we have been up to...

Well we are playing the waiting game. Out house was supposed to close on friday the 21st and now it will be sometime this week. We are both super busy this week so i am almost hoping that it does not close until next week! We bought out fridge today! That was exciting. Of course the one the guy was trying to see us way expensive... the one that had "climate control" HAHA! Good thing i have Andrew to help. Today me and my mom went out to our house (first time her seeing it) and we measured the windows... the next step is the blinds and then the ceiling fans... I guess because its a brand new house it does not come with certain things...?? Anyway... so needless to say my dungeon spell is over at VZW. 2 weeks straight of overtime is a killer! i am in the process of setting up another 2 week time frame to do it again because it is such good money! So on another update to my drunken accident the guy they think is going to plead guilty so as of september 22nd i will know what kind of a sentence he is looking at...AND since this is is SECOND extreme DUI,... i hope he gets the absolute MAX! I could not beleive that when i heard. Okay,... so there is what we have been up to making money just to spend it, lots of work, packing, trying to fit social life in, and in the process of escrow and a lawsuit... Fun times!


work work work

So sorry I have not updated in forever but I have been working like 6 am to 11pm every day! Its no fun and I miss my life but its almost over just one more week of this then we will be into our house. Yay!!!!