40 weeks and one day.

I downloaded this app on my phone so i could follow everything that was changing with my body and i progresses in pregnancy. It is really a neat app and Andrew even enjoys reading and looking at the pictures to see what the fetus/baby looks like... I goes by weeks and days... today it shows a newborn on the picture, its really cute...only thing is... I dont have mine! I know i know, most babies are born within the 38-42 week mark and i am only on 40, but in my head monday january 30th was when he was going to come... WRONG! from week 38 to 39 i was 80% thinned out and to a 1.5... week 38-39... Nothing! Yesterday the doctor checked me and i was sure i was gonna pull a 4,,,, nope, wrong again! She scheduled me to go get a gel induction yesterday at 430. When i get all hooked up to the monitor the nurse carol.... I really liked her tells me... you are having contractions, can you feel theem? I said no and didnt think about it.... Then i turned away from the monitor and talked to andrew for the next few minutes and really concentrated on trying to feel them and i could! It was so weird... I have been feeling THAT feeling for days, but thought it was just part of the "pressure" My contractions were already 3 to 5o minutes apart. It was pretty cool but the nurse did find it a little odd.... So for the next hours.... up until 3 am or so, i am gelled and checked and told to walk and bounce on the ball. On the second gel the contractions got more intense but after being checked no dialation progress... bummer... Then I was having contractions every 1 to 2 minutes! almost too much my very favorite nurse kate told us.... So too bad... the gel induction did not work. WE got home about 330 am with Brighton still in the belly...
One thing that does scare me is the nurses told me i ihave a narrow pelvis and I dont like the sound of that, for some reason they told me and said just to let you know.... Andrew and I call that JTLYK.... It may result in a c section, but every woman is different and it depends on how the labor goes... obviously i know that but I dont want it! I want a natural birth so I hope it has no affect:) That's all for now. I go back to the Dr. tomorrow morning at 830 for my next set of instruction. Today i walk and feel these wonderful contractions I am having:)


A lot to do with only 12 days to go!

I waited until the last minute to convince my sister to come over and paint the room, thanks Brandi by the way:) One more thing less i have to do, despite everyone telling me to NOT paint while being pregnant because it could kill me, strangle the baby, or i could be paralyzed. Literally... I know that there are precautions, but i get more and more everyday. At the bank people tell me all of what they think i should do... I am kinda sick of it, i think i am going to start saying this is my 5th child so they will stop lending so much advice. I take it nicely and just remember that i have my own birth plan and that is what i ams ticking to no matter who tells me what i SHOULD do. With that though, today i had a day off and got absolutely nothing done but a nap:) I take it back, i finished up a session of pictures that were long overdue but as far as baby... nope. I have the decor for his room all ready to be "finished" but i have yet to start. I need to pack a hospital bag too which i have neglected to do as well as put the car seat in the car... what can i say, i work best under pressure:) We have 12 days until due date and I am to a 2! I am happy because at least that is some progress, right? My next visit is Tuesday and the Dr said if im at a 3 they will schedule an induction... I want to wait thought until i do it on my own, it just seems so much more fun. Thats pretty much it, a quick update.


3 weeks- (ish) left!

Whoa! I am so excited i cant hardly stand it... besides the periodic pain from my kidney all is well. I am just "sucking it up" and waiting for him to come on his own:) I did not update since i got out of the hospital but the main content of what happened is the urologists and doctors were worthless, yes i say worthless loosely because everything they were suppsoed to do was either wrong or they were never were there for what they were supposed to be. It was horrible and made me not want to deliver at CRMC but,..,.. its the only place my dr does... soo.... thats that i guess. Basically the "specialists" are not at the hospital on HOLIDAYS because regular humans like you and i's health problems or sicknesses just wait until after they get back... Yes it was ridiculous..... so, to say the least i have to pay probably a huge hospital bill from being in there for 3 days although they helped not...I had to make a follow up dr apt with my doctor who had to refer me to a urologist who has a normal schedule and then pay both those fees on top of that... I know i seem bitter... I am a little, haha. sorry.....

Anyhow, when my dr found out that NOTHING was done at the hospital she was pissed to say the least and since my kidney is failing and the possibility of "back up" and infection is present she wanted to do an amneocentisis and make sure if Brightons lungs are fully developed and if so she would schedule an apt for an induction.... I freaked a little... not gonna lie.... so bottom line is i said no after talking with Andrew, we both figured that since my kidney thing will work itself out once i do deliver that I will just deal with what i have to until he comes:) so thats the update. I have a little less than 3 weeks until my due date. I am lacking the rocker and the paint on the walls in Brighton's room and I have a family diaper shower on the 14th in Heber, but other than that Andrew and I put up the crib and did the rest of the nursery things we needed to finish. It's so fun getting ready for baby! I am sure i wont be saying that while in labor though:) Well thats all for now. We just finished watching the BCS Championship game with Andrews parents and natalie and logan over here at our house and now its time to get ready for bed.... ugh i feel like this is turning into an awful journal.... bye