Ever since I was little I was an over achiever. I was the girl in the 1st grade to read over 200 books, the girl 4-8 grade to sell the whole classes total for any fund raiser and so on through high school and class president. Currently with WF i am the number banker in the State, as well i was when i was a teller... I am seeing a trend... not to toot my own horn and be boastful...but i can sell. So i work about 11-12 hours a day doing just that. I decided to try something from home. check it out.

it was so minimal to start up and become an IC, ALSO its fun and you can start earning and enjoying too. I am so excited and committed to doing this, if you want to be on my team contact me and join now because i am ready to stay at home and make some money. I want to stay at home with Brighton:) what mother wouldn't? :)

call/text-928 240 2023 email is on my website:)O


Happy 1st Mother's day!

I just can't put it into words how my official mothers day was! There was nothing spectacular about it really in any sense. I didnt get a big flashy gift to open or a big surprise. I did get breakfast made for me by mister wonderful and a perfect healthy baby boy to love on all day:) Last mothers day i WAS pregnant but just didnt know it yet. I remember sitting in church thinking... none of this stuff pertains to me... but really... it did:) I am so blessed to be Brighton's mom. He brings a whole new meaning to my life. I love waking up early, changing diapers, poopy ones even)), hearing him laugh and just how he looks at me with his big bright eyes. He is such a happy baby. Pictures of him consume my library on my phone and they are often the centerpiece of my work day when i get sent them from my friend brittany whom i am lucky enough to have watch him. IDEALLY, i would like to stay home, but im just not quite at that point yet, but SOON! he is 14 weeks now and is topping the charts at around 12 pounds and 23 inches long! he is finally out of newborn diapers and just started to give him some rice cereal! I Love love love my little boy. He is looking more like his daddy everyday and everyone who sees and hold/meets him is just taken by him. It is neat to see my dad with him too. My dad has never really been a baby type of grandpa. He just adores my son and you can just tell when he holds him. Im grateful for Brighton and his spirit he is already filled with. I can't wait to watch him grow and i look forward to an eternity of being his mom and celebrating mothers day with him and Andrew.