This holiday season has brought much fun and joy to me! I spent thanksgiving with my in laws mainly because my mom had to work so my family did not get together this year. I was sad to miss my moms cooking and my sisters pies but it was nice not having to rush to get from one dinner to the next. Hardly nobody from the Crandell side ended up coming up this year, it was different than i have ever seen up here, usually there is not enough beds! Well to say the least i did not want to go to church on sunday. My mother in law told me to force myself because thats when i NEED to go. I was so glad i did- wellt o sacrament anyway:) the talks on gratitude were very humbling and it made me think about all i complain about and other people not having. The stories had statements like, be grateful you dont know everything for it give you an opportunity to learn- this concept applies to EVERYTHING in life. I always complain about the most petty things in my mind after i really thought and devoured what the talks were about. I complain because my cell phone sucks but i am not grateful that i can afford one and that i have a job to be able to have that luxury. I complain that my clothes are not what i USED to buy, but at least i have clothes and shoes and money to buy any- the luxury to buy them and not Make or Sew them... I could go on and on. I take so many things for grantid without giving thanks and being grateful. My husband is such a good example of this. He always tells me i need to be more grateful. He is so great and keeps his patience with me, which sometimes i lose very quickly with things and people- He is always grateful for whatever i do for him, cook for him or make for him- even if the food is not good which i have made (just) a few bad- not so tasty dishes. In this new year- yes i am already starting the things i need to work on for my NYR- hopefully not to break on january 2nd! I want to be more grateful and thankful for what i have and what i am able to do. i have legs, i need to walk/run more. I have talents and i need to use them. I am grateful i was even able to spend thanksgiving week with my family, to andrew and Daniel who are teaching me how to hunt AND showing me patience. I will post more about my hunt later:)

so i have decided....

Since my blog with all my photos died i decided to do a different one- I could not figure out what happened to it... It is it is under my family tab- i am updating it now with all my old stuff but have plenty new stuff to add so stay tuned for that- I am going up north for the thanksgiving week because i got drawn for bull elk so i will be doing a lot of blog at night- wish me luck to kill a big elk because i have never done this before!!!! eeeeee!!!! Ha[[y thanksgiving! be sure to give thanks!