one more note to add

I found out today that in the working world, you have to be a smoker to qualify yourself to get multiple breaks in a day. I can't beleive we live in such a stupid world full of dumb people who smoke cigarettes!

I need a break

Sometimes life is a blur, I get that. I hear parents a lot saying, when did they grow up? or how did they grow up so fast. Well now I understand just a little. 2 monthgs a go i started a job at wells fargo. a month and a half ago i hated my job at wells fargo. Let me emphasize the word hate to you. I did never want to go and when i was there i could not wait for the clock to hit the time that i was supposed to be off. My feet hurt because i was standing in heels for 8 hours a day and my legs hurt because my feet hurt and my head hurt because i would not stop complaining and moaning and groaning about how I hate my job but dont want to give it up because i have sundays off and blah blah blah. on the other hand... I love my job at the casino. I don't know if it is just the aroma of coming home every day smeling of old lady cheap perfume and cigarettes or if it the old nasty "7 star" people i have to deal with on a daily basis who expect you to pretty much wipe their butts for them! But i just like it. Boy do i sound so negative right now! getting to the point now. I love both of my jobs now... i have always liked the casino despite the crazy hours, no holidays or weekend off... but now i love the bank too. I am doing SO well there. Better than i ever have thought myself to do. I have confidence when i walk through that door and the people there now know that i am a force to reckon with... but can i keep it up? STRESS!!!! beginning of the month is always so tough because we are pushed to set appointments and get accounts. You would never know that a "teller" is a sales position but beleive me, it is not a walk in the park! so next time you go to the bank, be nice to your teller-0 the job is the hardest i have EVER had! it's crazy. so here is my rant. I don't know what to do! eeerrrr. The casino has full time openings that i could apply for and as of now i am an on call employee- oh please help. Casino... do i quit you and just focus on WF? or do i keep you and WF as i am doing now, squeezing my daily doings in with my picture taking that i enjoy so much.... oh the choices...
HEY!!!! does anyone need an account? :)