640 million what!

ugh... the thought that i can never win the lottery is sickening. why cant we use that 640 million dollars to get the US out of debt! haha. oh wait... that would not even put a dent in it...but i know who it would get out of debt...!!! ME!!!!! house, car college, EVERYTHING! its crap. My heart hurts to see that number of dollar bills never go into my bank account:(
Hey but i have a job! so i guess i will take what i can get..right?



This post is turning into a pictureless boring blog. I need to whip out my camera... It seems that everyday in a normal conversation about life with someone you meet you are almost always asked the question, "do you have kids?" Saying no was the norm for, not yet. We want to wait a little bit (YEARS)... I was in the store the other day and a random guy started having a conversation with me about how cute brighton was and asked "Is this your first?" For some reason i get a little butterflies in my stomach to be seen as a mother and how do they know?! well i guess not too many people have a young baby with them and its not theirs... but I love how to question has changed! My mind is still completely blown that i am a mother. I woke up at 430 am to him crying 3 days ago and all groggy and half way asleep i walk into his nursery and look down at his big blue eyes peering up at me from his crib. He sees his life line and INSTANTLY he stops crying and a smile creeps up on his face. I love it! I love how he is so dependant on me and opens his mouth when i go to kiss him. I love his coos and his little sounds he makes when he is eye to eye with me and how loud he is when he eats... seriously people think he is starving to death but thats just him. Brighton is such a blessing to me and Andrew. Life has gotten back to normal around here. He sleeps through the night and is on a schedule. I can understand his cries and know his tricks he already plays when it comes to sleeping. He has me wrapped so tight around his finger already. I am just on the edge of motherhood and i cant wait to watch him grow more and more. I even dont mind being peed on or poop on my hand, and i can even handle an armpit full of spit up:) I just simply love him and everything about him. I thank heavenly father everyday that I have such a joyful blessing in my life. I am already starting to love the idea of baby number 2. When Brighton turns 15 months old I will hopefully start the incredible journey of growing another one of these heavenly beings!

21 days??? why not 60 instead

I am the kind of person who has GREAT intentions... while i was pregnant i told myself that for the time iw as off work i would be at the church every m-f at 8 am to work this baby belly off... funny that i have lost all my 25 pounds of baby weight but my stomach looks i ahev gained 25 pounds of skin! haha... well back to intentions... that thought of mine, never came to light. Nope!, not even did i get out of bed and get ready to go to the church for a workout...not even ONCE! so today I am at home, sent andrew to church alone because i have a pounding headache and a tooth that is going to kill me until 7 am tomorrow when i get it fixed... and i am blogging... again with good intentions, but this time about a 60 day challenge. Can you hold it against me that i am terrible follow througher unless it absolutely HAS to get done? well not this time lovergirl! I bought INSANITY a year ago... correction, more than a year ago. I saw a commercial today about it and thought, i should buy that and do it. I swear a rocket came down from space and bashed me in the head... HELLO! dont you remember spending like 150 bones on that! OH! why yes mandy, i certainly do! I got so much crap from my husband because i wasted money and i used it for a week then let my excuses and other things take my life back over! sheesh! well forget a 21 day challenge on focusing on myself... I know everything there is to know about myself. I know how i work. I know that god gave me this body, and for a period of time it was smokin! :) so this is me exercising my agency to exercise! yay for killing myself for the next 60 days. I would invite someone to do it with me, but i live on the moon, pretty much away from all civilization. sorry.

On a completely different note. this is random and may not make sense... the other day my sis and her fam were here and one of her little boys madden was asking her to take off his shoes because he didnt know how (that means didnt want to :) It was funny.. he whined and told her to take off his shoe, so i asked him if he didnt know how as i was taking one of them off. he said no so i started to teas him about how he was a little baby and could not take off his own shoes... he reached down and literally in one second he took the shoe off, threw me a look and then out the door he went... Now THAT is reverse psycology! well..... as i am sitting here in my computer room posting this nonsense, BOTH of my little dogs are whining and jumping because they want me to pick them up and put them on the bed... i have seen in the past that they have jumped but its rare because its a high bed... well i realized i dont hear them anymore so i was thinking they muct haven given up and gone downstairs... WRONG! I look back on the bed and they are both snuggled up to eachother on a pillow! This is my realization that i have spoiled my dogs because they will whine for 10 minutes until i pick them up or give them what they want. ugh! i wish reverse psycology worked on dogs too:)


something i came across today

When I found out that we were pregnant, i thought it would be a cute idea to tell the grandparents first by sending them a letter or a little poem... I remember getting the idea and start jotting down ideas and today i found it in my messy desk... here is what i had so far...

You can borrow me but you have to give me back.
I am in hiding right now.
You can't see me touch me or hear me.
If no one told you-you would not know where i was....for a while.
You might cry when you hear of me.
You will miss me at times.
I am surrounded by walls.
One day I will want to be like you.
I don't like bright lights.

I am not sure where i was going with it... but we ended up doing a cute little diaper and giving them to all the family... as soon as we pulled out the diapers everyone knew we were pregnant anyway... this next time around i will find something more clever:)


70th wedding anniversary and Snowed in.

We went to Heber this weekend for Granny and Papas 70th wedding anniversary. This is Andrews grandma and grandpa Crandell...(chesters parents) I met this couple November of 2007 when Andrew an.d I were just dating and they are the type of people you can just tell that they are good, like to the core good. A few months back papa fell while out at the ranch and had to have surgery because of bleeding in his brain or on his brain...however the term is said. The surgery was pretty invasive and how old papa was there was a chance that it would turn out bad. At the party yesterday there was a statement made by someone about how "this almost didnt happen"... I thought to myself... not that he ALMOST died... but the thought was there and I just thought to myself..."oh no, this was to happen, it was predestined! A story Chester told was that the worst thing he ever heard his dad say was "oh horse feathers". Christ was an example to us all and of course we are to follow in his example...but how awesome would it be knowing that at my 70th wedding anniversary, one of my children stood up and could say that the worst thing they ever heard his parent say was horse feathers? Let this be an example as to just how much of an example we can be to our children, in so many ways. Not only in our actions, but in our WORDS! I am grateful to have such good examples around me this weekend. It seems when i come to Heber and am surrounded by family, nothing else really matters...even when you get snowed in:)


Our first date in 5 weeks!

How funny is this! Me and Andrew were at buybuy baby and came across this onsie. It is truly hillarious and is how i feel about Andrew. Andrew says he does not want to change his clothes or his diaper because he is still "scrunched" and it creates a workout for him:) While mom is home she does it for him, but this onsie should come with every hospital pack for the dad...(usually)
Funny thing is that this was our first date in 5 weeks! we had the night to do whatever we wanted and we ended up at buybuy baby! hhhahahahahah.

5 Weeks

Brighton is 5 weeks today! I took this picture and while looking at it, i am seeing how much older he looks... it's crazy! He is so alert and awake for only 5 little weeks. He is nearly holding up his head and he watches me! If i move he follows me and has for a few weeks now. I love my son so much its indescribable. I know his personality already and he makes me laugh everyday. I know all his cries now and his mad cry makes me laugh:) Its just amazing how attached I have gotten to him. I dont know why im going to do in two weeks when i go back to work! I will miss him dearly every day, i just know it! My life seems to be so much more meaningful now. Its not that i didnt have a reason to live before...:) but now I just see life in a different perspective. I have a son! That makes me a mother, a wife with a child and the word FAMILY is being used now in our home much much more. In only 5 weeks my home has been transformed into a home that houses a baby and by that i mean the garbage full of diapers and the sink full of bottles, the pantry with formula and baby items on every reciept when i spend money. I love it!

4 Weeks!

Phew! Where has the time gone. My little man is a month old today! well actually since its after midnight he is a month and one day:) Andrew text me today and he is kinda sad because he has had to work non stop since Brighton was born. It is kinda true, but the good part is that Andrew does not work too much in the summer so he will get to spend lots of time with him! Brighton holds his head up very good and at 2 weeks he nearly rolled over on his own! I can't beleive how big he already seems to me and he is not even much over his birth weight yet! We have his month visit on Tuesday at the Pediatrician! I am loving being a mom. Its so hard and so gratifying at the same time. There have been days where I just go crazy cooped up in my house and nothing to do. FOr most who know me I am always doing something and multiple things at once. When Brighton is sleeping I dont sleep, i find something to get elbows deep in that i have to forfeit once he returns to awakeness:) I have 2 more weeks at home with him before i go back to work and that makes me a little sad, but at the same time happy to get back to work... Ask me how happy i am to be back to work once i am there though... i bet i wish i were at home with my new best friend. My take on going back to work is that i am so close to promotion that i can taste it! I need to do it for myself:) At least through the summer because andrews work slows down a lot. I also decided completely against myself to stop breastfeeding since i was suplementing anyhow... tear and big sigh. I should probably go to bed now since it is so late.. here i am finding something to do while baby sleeps but now it is my turn. Husband should be home soon:) Goodnight.