out of the first trimester!

we even have gotten the 2 dimensional ultrasound which typically is not available until later but my doctor is pretty amazing... the baby looked away just as we were about to see its face...

So life has been entirely crazy here in the Crandell home. Both Andrew and I still have crazy work schedules and my house often goes uncleaned for a week at a time. There used to be a point where i was very ANAL about the well being and cleanliness of my house. I still am scaqred to have kids because i still dont like messes:) But this little baby inside has been making me sick since the 2nd week after we found out. I will have a bad week then a good day then a bad day and holy cow it is just a roller coaster. I find that if i dont eat something in time it will ruin my day with the worlds worst headache. I am hoping now that all that starts to go away with the start of my 2nd trimester... I have had 3 untrasounds so far, once a month and the next one i will get will be when we find out if it will be a girl or a boy. We are both hoping for a boy but as long as it is healthy and a boy OR a girl I will be happy. Andrew has been the absolute best. He is so excited and likes to lean about what is happening in every week. My mom is moving out at the end of this month and i am excited that i will start to get the nursery together! We still have quite the time until this little one makes its arrival so i am already pulling out the ideas for the nursery... Well thats about it for now. Maybe i will post again once we know what it will be:)