Baby time?

Everyone i know and everyone around me is with Child. Its kinda sad. There are so many times where me and Andrew are so ready for it to be but its not... I guess i just keep waiting. Now that we are both starting our own businesses and i got a hugh promo at work it makes me even more sad because NOW its not the right time for kids. I keep thinking that i am being so selfish and that i need to fulfull my motherly calling then i always hold back... ughhhh.. why can't i just make up my mind!



well i know that i posted about my interview like FOREVER ago. The two days turned into like two weeks and i still did not hear back. A girl who i work with got announced that SHE got a promo but i was just left to wonder..... So the result is... YEP!! I am new miss maricopa wells fargo banker:) I am so extremely excited! I am excited for Andrew and I that i am doing so well with this company and moving up so quickly. Manager here i come! Andrew told me the other day that since i am always so good at my jobs that i was just born to work so he should stay at home with the kids when we have them.... i just dont know about that. It seems like i never am able to get on here and blog so here is a small update for now! All is well in crandellworld- Andrew should be getting his taxidermy up very soon! He even has a name picked out and a logo! he is pretty excited:)