For some time now I have been waiting to apply for management in my branch here where i live. I have tossed around the idea of applying up north or in a different branch or maybe in a different market just to get to management sooner but I for some reason have decided against it. At first it was a battle of if i was going to stay working since I have my little man at home now who is 6 months now and will be walking soon, and if i wanted to take on the extra responsibility of being in  a leadership role where your employees probably would make me more frustrated.... Well... I have my interview FRIDAY! That's right! My manager told me today and now I am nervous! I seriously feel sick to my stomach! I am very confident...but it is still nerve racking! It's crazy to think that finally I am going into September... when originally i thought it would be JULY... a manager! whoa. In 2 short years of a career at Wells Fargo... I never thought this is where i would be, but I'm excited.


Crandell reunion/vacation part 2- Palmyra temple

Our first stop was Palmyra temple. All of the family 12 and up got ready and headed to go see the temple and do baptisms. I was really excited for this because although I have been a member for 11 years, I never went with the young women to do baptisms and I was going to be able to do it here with my family and my husband Andrew. The feeling of the spirit that i felt that day in the temple was almost overwhelming for me. It was so surreal to be in the temple with so many members of the same family doing God's work. I am so grateful to have such a great husband who I can share moments like this with in the temple.
 This wonderful couple are my in laws, without you both this trip would not have been possible. Thank you so much.

The whole group after baptisms.

Once we all got dried off and ready to go we went back to the hotel and got all the rest of the family to go back to the temple so everyone could enjoy its beauty. This was Marcie and Daniels place to tell us about. Despite my best efforts to remember and retain all of the information for the trip, i could not:( However i will share what i remember.

 This is the window that faces the sacred grove. President Hinkley asked for specifically only this window not be that frosted glass so you would be able to look out and see the sacred grove.
 This is the view that you would see if you were to look out this window while inside the temple.Somewhere within all of this was where Joseph Smith saw his vision. I felt delighted to be standing there looking at it. It is beautiful.

 This is at the back of the temple, the picture within the 9 windows is the tree of life. pretty neat!
 Marcie and Daniel were also able to find out that this, (what looks to be a pile of rocks), is actually a wall that was built by joseph smith and his brothers. it trailed all the way up to the hillside of the temple.
The Palmyra  Temple:)
It was so bright out that day we could not even keep our eyes open

Crandell Family reunion/vacation New York Part 1

As i previsously posted...or did not post. In July, the Crandell family... well 37 of us, set out on a journey to New York and a few other places involving the church history tour. This trip has been in the works for years now... i think 3 or so and was originally supposed to take place in 2011 but due to other curcumstances it was postponed until 2012:) I can't be more thankful that it was july of 2012 though because my emotional state of mind was at its peak:) I feel like I was in such a better spiritual place then before when the trip was originally planned. I am a new mom and just starting to feel the "mom" feelings and Andrew just starting to feel the "dad" feelings- and finding out what life is REALLY all about as a FAMILY. I want to post each stop we made along the way seperate to just incorporate my feelings of how i felt that day while i was there. One of my most favorite things about the church is the history or what some call back there, its heritage. The trials and persecution the saints went through is incredibly cruel, but the faith and testimony that was gained outweighs all the death, hardship and ridicule that anyone could have ever placed. For a few moments I stood in several different places putting myself as a pioneer, a sister in the relief society in the days of Joseph Smith. I cried like a baby, I laughed,  I felt anger, I felt pity, deprivation of what and how we should be living, and even shame, for what i take for grantid everyday;overwhelmed with so much emotion, needless to say I was filled with the spirit for almost 5 consecutive days and it was exhilerating.