Crandell Reunion/Vacation part 7- Smith Family Farm

Katie and Kyles site was the Smith Family Farm. This was one of my favorites. I love when the homes that we can see how they put them to use and let me tell you that the way we use our homes today does not hold a candle to how efficient homes to the saints were. They were built with love and thought and everyone in the family did their part. They built a home just big enough to do the job with absolutely no wasted space. Every room was setup just perfectly to share with the brother or sister, or multiple siblings, friends, or neighbors who needed a place to stay. The beds were all hand made and there were no mattresses that one could buy like you can now days for $4000 for a "tempur-pedic" something or other. They slept on straw covered by a blanket sewn together and put over rope strung from the headboard to the foot board. Don't get me wrong, if i had to go from what I'm used to living with to that, i would not like it. While i was there i just kept thinking of how awesome it would be to have lived back then (minus the killings of families and persecution just because one was LDS). I just know that if we had to do half of the things that our saints had to do to SURVIVE, our world would be a better one:)

Original wall
this is so cute!

 Most homes built back then had a basement used for multi purposes and most were SMALL
 The barn outside, all the tools they used daily
 This was an actual fireplace with original soot
 Where they got their water from...
My Mother in law is a great gardner and most of the kids have been taught the trait as well, i have not tried yet but am excited to be able to have my own garden. A garden was pretty much a non negotiable back then, if they didnt do what they were supposed to they had no crops. There was no luxury of going to frys and just picking from a who lot of whatever your heart desires. When we move to Heber, I WILL garden:)

Crandell Reunion/Vacation part 6- Sacred Grove

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.”

The Sacred Grove plays a very important role in my faith. Not only does it hold a sacred meaning to the members of the church, but it is still available for anyone to go visit the amazing spirit it holds and to stand amongst trees that are still standing now, as they were when Joseph smith knelt in prayer. I am grateful that Joseph,  at such a young age of 14 went into a grove of trees on his family’s farm to ask God which church he should join. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him and as a result the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth. To think of the events that happened after this moment is bittersweet. How amazing it is today to be a latter day saint and not have to go through the persecution that the saints went through to defend their religion.
 This was Brightons 2nd trip out of state and he was only 5 months old! He was so much fun, (except for him sleeping) he is particular about where he sleeps and he prefers to be in a bed, with us on the go go go all day this was the hardest part, but I am so glad we took him with us to experience this trip with us. He is so stinkin adorable.
The spirit felt here was like none i have ever felt. The whole family ended up in a area with benches. I don't know if it was planned but a testimony meeting was held there, where not a single person came down the trail until everyone who wanted to boar their testimony. It was really neat, and lots of tears!

Crandell Reunion/Vacation part 5-Martin Harris Farm

Martin Harris Farm- Troy and Jenny
I am grateful for Martin Harris and the role he played in bringing about the book of mormon. I don't know if i would have the faith to mortgage my home like Martin did with part of his farm to pay for the printing of the book of mormon. Martin Harris was also one of Josephs first scribes and he was one of the 3 witnesses. Even though he was persecuted he never denied the truth of the Book of Mormon and bore testimony of it until his death on July 10, 1875. The greatest lesson that kept coming to my mind while seeing all these historical places was faith. Faith was what the pioneers thrived on. They were so in tune with the spirit and KNEW that if they just had faith that they would be okay, even if death was the outcome, they still had unwavering faith.

 All hand work during construction

 The farm Martin Harris owned is now a private residence and is not open for tours, although visitor's can walk on part of the grounds and read plaques that have been put up by the Church. The original home of Martin Harris was a one and a half story white frame house, which was unfortunately destroyed by fire in 1849. There is now a home where the original house stood that is known as a Lake-Stone building. It was built in 1850, by the same skilled laborers that had worked on the Erie Canal. Most of the stones were taken from the shores of Lake Ontario to be used on the house.
 These are the stones in the front of the house, they are said to be the best quality of stones.
 these were a step down from the best of quality stones, they put these on the sides of the home.
 On the back side of the house were the poorest in quality of stones.
 Although the home is not open for tours, they were doing some work on it that day and they allowed us to look inside and take a few pics! This is some of the original work on the inside that was not destroyed in the fire.
 In the bedroom was a very small washroom with a toilet and a sink
 The front door, double the size of what "our" normal doors are today.
At this point i am starting to forget all of the info about each stop so I may hev to go back later and add a few things. :)


Crandell Reunion/Vacation part 4-Grandin Press

The Grandin Press was one of my favorite places that we visited.  This was Fred and Carolines site to tell us about. This was one of the most sporitual stops for me. I remember giving fred a hug after we left and uncontrollably crying. It made the people in front of me turn around (yes it was andrew) and ask me what my deal was:) There was just something that hit me all at once when Fred was giving us his testimony and how its so easy to fall away from the things we know to be true. It makes me think of how selfish i am when i look at what these saints did for us. It literally gave me goosebumps knowing that the Book of Mormon was "bound" here. The process of how they did it was so greuling and such long and tedious work! I think the convenience factor nowadays is completely taken for grantid. I am grateful for the fact that we are able to purchase this magnificent book at any deseret bookstore:) To think that all this work happened in just 24 months. wow.

Forgive me for i forgot what this machine did... I am pretty sure this is where they were able to put the whole and actualy do the binding of it.
 These were the ink markers, they would ink these and then rub them on the paper

 here is a copy before the hard covers were placed

And this was the finished product. Amazing.
This room was where they did all the inking and actually copying the words to the paper. The ink on this wall is original.

 This is the press where they would lay the paper and copy it onto both sides.
 where they hung the sheets to dry

 this was the translated copy, almost illegible... in this picture there are metal letters that they would make into a word, they would fill this block and then stamp it onto each page... not exactly in the sisters same verbage but still the same outcome:)


The room was barely big enough for about 10 people just to stand, in this picture it shows what it would have looked like during production of the BOM. Good thing there was not very much obesity back in these times.

 E.B. Grandin published 5,000 copies of the first edition of the Book of Mormon in Palmyra, New York in 1830 for $3,000. Translated by Joseph Smith Jr. through the power of God, this book contains the ancient account of the people in the Americas. In 1998 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints restored the E.B. Grandin Printing Press to its original 1830 state.

Crandell Reunion/Vacation part 3-Alvin's Grave

Another stop along our trip was to Alvin's Grave. Alvin Smith was Joseph Smith's brother and Joseph Smith and Lucy Smiths son.He died in 1823 and was buried here in Palmyra, New York. The original headstone is encased in the back of a newer headstone because of the wear and aging. This Cemetery is on a hill which was the site of the first school house in Palmyra, NY. It was neat to visit such an old cemetary and know that the body of someone who lived back there rests.

 This reads:
In Memory of Alvin, son of Joseph & Lucy Smith who died Nov 19,  1823 in the 25th year of his life.
here is some of our group who was all there


So... I am really bad about blogging and I'm pretty muh thinking its time to just cancel this blog... but now that i have a baby, i feel to keep it at times, even though i dont blog very often, even about Brighton... The intentions of blogging about our awesome vacation was to do it right when i got back so i could put down all my feelings and that turned out not so well... so i will do an update about my interview and then i will continue on from there.

My interview lasted for about an hour and a half and when i started i felt like i was going to vomit... i even said that out loud... my miserable attempt of a "business: plan got a "ok" per my manager as a good attempt. I litterally had no idea what i was doing. I just know how to do my job when im there... its all about the execution apparently in management:)

Well I got it.! Literally I kid you not, i wanted to sing, (and i did), shortly after i found out i got it i found out my old branch manager who i could not stand was not longer with the company. Great job Wells Fargo for putting some more money in your pocket.

I had to take a step back and let go of the bitterness i felt for the people who i let ALMOST ruin my career at wells fargo. They are no longer in my store and some not even with the company. I have worked so hard, so patiently and so honestly to get to the point where i am today. Don't get me wrong.. being a working mother sucks and I will be home with my little one by the time we have our second. For now, I am loving my success. I always knew i was a business woman:)



For some time now I have been waiting to apply for management in my branch here where i live. I have tossed around the idea of applying up north or in a different branch or maybe in a different market just to get to management sooner but I for some reason have decided against it. At first it was a battle of if i was going to stay working since I have my little man at home now who is 6 months now and will be walking soon, and if i wanted to take on the extra responsibility of being in  a leadership role where your employees probably would make me more frustrated.... Well... I have my interview FRIDAY! That's right! My manager told me today and now I am nervous! I seriously feel sick to my stomach! I am very confident...but it is still nerve racking! It's crazy to think that finally I am going into September... when originally i thought it would be JULY... a manager! whoa. In 2 short years of a career at Wells Fargo... I never thought this is where i would be, but I'm excited.


Crandell reunion/vacation part 2- Palmyra temple

Our first stop was Palmyra temple. All of the family 12 and up got ready and headed to go see the temple and do baptisms. I was really excited for this because although I have been a member for 11 years, I never went with the young women to do baptisms and I was going to be able to do it here with my family and my husband Andrew. The feeling of the spirit that i felt that day in the temple was almost overwhelming for me. It was so surreal to be in the temple with so many members of the same family doing God's work. I am so grateful to have such a great husband who I can share moments like this with in the temple.
 This wonderful couple are my in laws, without you both this trip would not have been possible. Thank you so much.

The whole group after baptisms.

Once we all got dried off and ready to go we went back to the hotel and got all the rest of the family to go back to the temple so everyone could enjoy its beauty. This was Marcie and Daniels place to tell us about. Despite my best efforts to remember and retain all of the information for the trip, i could not:( However i will share what i remember.

 This is the window that faces the sacred grove. President Hinkley asked for specifically only this window not be that frosted glass so you would be able to look out and see the sacred grove.
 This is the view that you would see if you were to look out this window while inside the temple.Somewhere within all of this was where Joseph Smith saw his vision. I felt delighted to be standing there looking at it. It is beautiful.

 This is at the back of the temple, the picture within the 9 windows is the tree of life. pretty neat!
 Marcie and Daniel were also able to find out that this, (what looks to be a pile of rocks), is actually a wall that was built by joseph smith and his brothers. it trailed all the way up to the hillside of the temple.
The Palmyra  Temple:)
It was so bright out that day we could not even keep our eyes open