The last of the Crums...

so... here is the last of the crums- It took me forever- sorry caroline. I need to stop working two jobs, neglecting my homely chores, laundry and cleaning altogether, cooking and sleeping and take some time to myself... sad thing is... andrew is at work until like 6 am so i am using all the time i can possibly get on the computer doing photos now so i dont have to hear him telling me to get off of the computer later:)


Will you help a family in need?

I know we all hear the many many stories about all the kids in the hospital and the struggles they face everyday to keep their lives. The prayers are AWESOME-so don't forget to pray but I need something else from you. The other day I was told by my cousin that a friend of hers baby is in the phx childrens hospital and has something to the effect of an "adults" equalcy of muscular distrophy- A baby needs the body to function right in order to grow and progress and this little baby is doing the exact opposite. Only heavenly father will sort out the determining factor of how long the baby has on earth at this point but we can all help- if you can. Along with the surgeries and hospital care the bills are piling beyond the point of ever seeing light at the end of the tunnel. They will be holding a silent auction but i thought it would be easier to auction or sell this decor below and give the proceeds to the family before the auction. If you have ANTYHING you can either donate, have to sell or auction, a package you can put together, make or donate if you are crafty or have your own business, let me know or leave me a comment and i would love to add you to the mix and trying to help this family! the decor below is not "priced" all except the one white mirror... I would like this to be a donation that can help the family so please keep that in mind- Thanks so MUCH!!!!

wedding dress fitting...

I had the pleasure of going with Danielle to her dress fitting. This woman is a hoot and I love her. She is getting married at the end of the year in Detroit Michigan and I won't be able to make it so we are doing all we can here to celebrate for it! Pictures and more pictures. We will even do MORE photos when she gets back AFTER her wedding because I can't be there to be her photographer! (tear) So today she tried on 6 dresses and knew which one she wanted when she put her third on... it made me a little teary eyed to see that look in her face when she just knew which one that she wanted- I still remember that feeling. I am glad i could capture some of her feelings through photography on this special day of hers-


some more pictures of the crums...

Caroline and I decided to try to get some better pictures than i got while in texas... we set out in the 150 degree weather and decided after about a half an hour and sweat dripping down everyones face that we should call it quits... I have some other pictured- same day but different location that i cant wait to get up but it will have to wait:)


rocco and eli...

just sone random pictures... while in texas

me and my friend.

these were the very first photos i took as i was getting all the settings adjusted on my camera... I swear i took 300 photos of us until i got the quality to where i was happy with it! Then i played around with them a little bit... they are pretty cute!