12 weeks!

 at 2 months old he was grabbing things and being inquisitive as to what all the fibers were on his blanket but i think it is so cute when i can capture him in the act.

It is so incredible to me every time i look at our son to think that we created him. He has brought so much joy into our home and lives. My heart just fills with love every time i see him. I look forward to going to bed so i can see him in the morning and getting off work early...when i can... so i can just spend a little more time with him before he goes to sleep. he is 3 months old now and at that point where he undoubtedly knows his mom and dad! He giggles a little and it is so cute, he is just starting so we are not at the point where it is rolling laughter yet. he only cries when he is hungry, and even when he wakes up he is really calm and just shuffles around a little until i go get him to feed him. I am grateful and so thankful for Brighton. I am grateful for being able to have the gospel to raise him in and do everything in my power right in his upbringing to have a different life than i did. I love being Brighton's mommy. I cant wait until he can say mama!