I am so annoyed right now with people who just don't get the clue about life! Let me break it down for you... If someone, especially a family member is having a baby, or just had their baby... IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT to try and steal their thunder because you want the attention to POST, BLOG or FACEBOOK about it before the MOTHER does. This is common sense to most human beings and I don't know many who do this. For instance my sister just had her baby, it would be NONE of my business for me to post anything about her new addition before she did, and i am her SISTER. There is a big difference between sister, and sister IN LAW! So stop being RUDE and taking the attention because it has NOTHING to do with YOU! It is BRANDIS special time so stop beign annoying and calling/texting a million times and just let her enjoy it! grrr....


You are Evited!

Here is the link to our housewarming Evite:)

Our housewarming party!

After all of the set backs we have had after buying our home, we finally feel that we are ready for our housewarming party!!! ANdrew is turning 24 tomorrow too so we thought we would just jumble it all together! There will be something to occupy all the kids and some good food:) Leave a comment with your email address so i can send you an invite if I have not already gotten a hold of you. Everyone is welcome:) I have had a lot of people asking me what we want or what we need and since we were not registered anywhere it was making it difficult... so we registered.. We are registered at bed bath and beyond, target, and khols. We are not too picky though, we are just grateful to have our home done:)


Happy Mother's day!

This is my mother! She is such a sweet lady ( for the most part). She is a brat and her and I have such a close relationship. We do so much together, (when we can). She spoils me rotten and has boughten me the whole world in my life. She would give her limbs for her kids if need be. I just love her. She has a crazy personality yet she is not all there if you know what i mean:) Mom I know we have had our hard times in the fam but I am so grateful for you turning out the way you did. I am so grateful that i have a parent like you that i can go to and lean on for any dilema life throws me. You are going to do great down here in this new atmosphere and we all wish you the best, oh and good luck finding that massagae therapist husband:) Happy Mother's day. I hope you enjoyed your day with Andrew and I.
We took mom to that brazilian bull steakhouse in Chandler. We were STUUUUUUFFFED, if you have never been you should check it out, website is Leon and Amy introduced us last year and it was fun getting to go back there. Mom enjoyed it too. Oh yeah., the silly hat was because they sang to her in PORTUGESE because her birthday was the 8th:) she is such a good sport.

This was her before her big panel interview today. We had so much fun coaching for this interview. I interviewed her like i was one of the interviewers.:) She even wore my heels and I might add she looked very beautiful.


2 year anniversary goes hand in hand with some bowling.

It seems like we have made a tradition out of bowling for our anniversary and I make it a tradition tolose so Andrew can feel better about his bowling skills:) We went out with the crums when we finally got some time off of work to celebrate a little past our two year anniversary. It feels so awesome knowing how far we have come in two years... no debt, we bought a house, and a dang good one at that, we are both in school. both have jobs, no kids in the works yet but have 2 dogs and plenty of kids in the family to get our baby fix:) We are doing so great and I am happy for that since all it seems anymore in this world are screwed up people who lie, cheat and scandal their way through life. I like the feeling of being in love and knowing that i love Andrew more and more with each passing day. I am grateful that I am able to be Andrew's eternal companion and look forward to many more moments with him. He is a bit stubborn, but I would not love him the same without that quality. He makes me smile, brings happiness to my heart, and he adores me! Most of all, there is no one else in the world we would rather spend our time with, just us-how it should be! Happy Anniversay to Andrew & Mandy Crandell. Next year we are going on a TRIP to somewhere special! A cruise of some sort, I will kidnap him if i have to.
Yes, Andrew had a mullet thanks to Alice:) He looked really handsome with it, but it is now gone:( ...And the other handsome guy is Owen, he is so cute.

I know i posted about this when it actually was our anniversary but we actually did do one thing for our anniversary besides work... BOWL! I sucked. We went bowling with Fred and Caroline and their kids. We had a ton of fun. Landie and I bowled together, SHE WAS BETTER THAN HER AUNT MANDY! haha. Of course Fred and Andrew were doing all the cool spins and stuff i did not know how to do, i don't even think i broke a hundred points!

a few long needed forgotten posts and randoms of what we have been up to

I FINALLY finished a baby gift i had been working on for months! Andrew finally got sick of me just moving it around the house so i used my ninja focus and got it done! I LOVE hobby lobby and the deals that they have. I made this fairly inexpensive and i think it is so cute! I hope you enjoy it in your nursery Kiley:)


two years down, eternity to go

It seems like i just did the one year down, eternity to go post, man time is flying! Well today is our two year anniversary!!! I just can't beleive it has come so fast. Right now it is so late and I justy got off work and Andrew is still at work. Crazy day. I just started a new job so our anniversary plans of a silverstein concert were ruined since it is cinco de mayo and it is a must that i work .. tear, they are one of my most favorite bands, but there is always next time. Me and Andrew have not had a lot of time together recently with both of our jobs. When school starts I bet life will be even crazier. I am thankful that we have no kids at the moment while we work all this out getting it situated to where I can stay at home with them when it is time for some babies:) I will do another post tomorrow when i have some brain power but tonight it is just this.


What we have been up to

I need to get off this hiatus of mine from the blogging world! what we have been doing

andrew- WORKING! His job is so hectic and his hours are always so crazy but we are grateful for him to have a job. He leaves at 430 am sometimes and does not get home until 2 am at times:( He is a trooper though, he never even complains about it.
He finally got a few days to go to Heber and go shed hunting again...the first time he found nothing, he was bummed, but this trip was a victory, he found 3 sheds! He actually just found more time this weekend to make his last trip up for the season! I am so glad he has a hobby, but i wish we either lived closer or he had another hobby down here, he gets bored sometimes when i am not around.
Andrew also starts school in less than a month! He is excited, nervous and scared a little but he will do great.

Mandy- WORKING! I started a new job about 3 weeks ago, it was supposed to be thurs, fri and sat nights but it has turned into 7 days a week. I like it and I like the people i work with, but it is a demanding job and my schedule changes all the by next week i will have worked 2 weeks straight! I too am grateful that i found a pretty good job in this economy. I went back to the restaurant side of things but i feel at home there. I just am getting through the next two years and justr having a job with money works:)
I start school in less than a month too.... BUT... now i am having second thoughts... I will post about that too...well i will get it out now... no i will wait...
i also watchc a few kids and i have one more often, her name is Taryn and Andrew and I love her so much.
I also was going to my aunts house every week for 1 or 2 days to help her with her business and such but now with this new job i have not found the time to do it. tear

As for both of us....
We just passed our 2 year mark!!! hooray... We didnt do anything because we both had to work. We have an eternity of anniversaries though so we will postpone this one.
We are getting our backyard landscaped!!! this is SO exciting... we are doing REAL grass, almost all of it, pavers, curbing, all the pretty stuff. I just got andrew a grill for our anniversary gift so we will be firing that thing up too!

Andrew cleaned the house today, it was SO dirty, i have also been taking a hiatus from cleaning too:) I will consider that my anniversary present:)

Miley and Louie are up to the same stuff... sleeping, chewing on sticks, eating and going on walks. Mmiley can sit, lay down, and high five now. She is really smart. I hope she gets just a tad bit bigger so her and Louie can have a few babies. She is only 2 pounds!

Mandy's canon camera- NOTHING! sitting on the desk, so hence the reason for no pictures.

Well that is about it. I will post more later about babies, school and get some pictures.