I like to quit..not like... but i do

I have come to terms that i am a quitter. Not a good thing by a long shot, but it is easier to quit when things get too hard or too frustrating and even too complicated. I could list a whole laundry list but i won't because i don't want to look back and think of everything i quit and then feel ashamed that i would be so much more further along in life becaue i can't say that would really true. This is a late "resolution" but i am trying "not quitting" on for size.I don't quit the big things like my job, or my house payment or bills or my marriage, but all the other little stuff add up. It becomes to time consuming, too hard, to tiring. ugh i hate it. I want to do something and just stick with it until the task is finished. Almost like this blog, i want to quit it because it is too time consuming and I feel like I have nothing good to blog about since we are childless and i am not going to blog about my dogs on a daily basis, but I am not quitting this for some reason. I quit reading because it was too time consuming and i really enjoy reading, oh I will stop now, just random thoughts in my head for the day that are better out than in.