Are you watching this foorball game???

Holy cow... Overtime!!! my husbands team is on carolina of course... 2nd down, 5 seconda left, fieldgoal running on the field, spiked ball with 1 second left!!! full field, more than 11 players on field, penalty but one second to kick! tied it up!!! Overtime, he is in heaven:)


The day after..

This week is weird, i felt like yesterday was sunday, today i feel like it is saturday and it's crazy that is three days i will be 24! then 3 days from that a new year will be here... this new year i already have so many new things planned out... in my mind!!! I am not ready for this year to close because i know one of the hardest parts at the bank is to start writing 2011 instead of 2010. I am a tad bit excited to sit down and actually right out all these new years resolution things i have in my head and share them with no one but andrew:) haha- This year has been a great one for us, we truly are blessed depsite all of our iniquities! We have been so laxed with the things that we should be doing DAILY! sometimes i have to stop what i am doing in that very moment and just thank heavenly father for what we have and what we are able to accomplish. the question to start our family has been weighing on our minds lately but we thought we would wait until the new year to make our final decision on that one too... so as for now we have stopping drinking soda, not making my lessons same day and decide wether to continue in my career,which by the way is going so well i am even surprised myself!... or to start the family... decisions decisions....


I can't believe christmas is here and i don't want it.

I have been so consumed in this crazy world lately that i have no time to breath, think, etc. It is Christmas! yes let me say... CHRISTmas! but i think they should change the name to presentmas because that is all most people think about. dont get me wrong, i like presents especially if they are surprises, but working at a bank this year is showing me just how much people really do spend on christmas... get this... one girl opened a credit card for 8 THOUSAND dollars and she said she had just spent it ALL!!! I also had one little old lady take out 3700 in cash just to give to one of her daughters who she "owes" christmas too- it just makes me sad, it seems the inly thing that matters anymore is just who can get the best and most expensive new cool gadget. This time of year always humbles me. This year as so many people have lost everything that they worked for, some not by choice and others let theirs go, but when i take a look at what i have in my life, i should be NOTHING but thankful for. I have a home! WE have a home, at age 23 Andrew and I OWN a home and with a good payment we can pay withough draining us every month, we have not one car but 2! We have awesome families with lots of fun kids in it to play with and have as examples around us... I have been reading the work and the glory books and realize just how hard it was for the saints to even go to church! I have the church with the sacrament and amazing ward friends i can go to any time! I HAVE the gospel, the most important thing that got me to the point that i am now. I cannot really express where I would be if i had not converted 9 years ago!!! On top of all this I am working on an awesome career. I am truly blessed and i am thankful for what i have been blessed with. This season me and Andrew decided to have familly time, some with his, some with ours and some to ourselves, no need for presents that accompany debt:) Nothing like a christmas vacation movie and some hot cider on christmas day! Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this, and who does not read this. I hope no one takes offense to what i said- not all people who buy presents are BAD- take this the right way. Christ was A gift to us, A gift to give is good:)