I was driving down the 202 East the other day when i saw a billboard called==== MY LAME SEX...I thought to myself how insane someone would have to be to make that billboard, let alone the person let them rent the space... Well tonight i looked on t he website. I knew it was not porn or something of that nature because the billboard has a man and a woman on it and they are both pointing the finger at each other... You would NEVER beleive what this website is all about!!!

are you ready?????

It is CORNERSTONE! It is a CHRISTIAN church. In their website... this is what it says...Sex is the greatest, but what if what we don’t know about sex is actually keeping us from a fulfilled sex life?

I think i missed something??? I am pretty sure god does not teach us through the tools that we have that if our sex life sucks and that we are not satisfied enough because sex is everything you know... that we need to drive to the cornerstone shristian fellowship church and fix it? or whatever they suppose they have the cure all for???? I am in crazy land right now even trying to think who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to advertise their church with SEX. There are other ways about this and I cant stand this stupidity out of people.:)
oh poop... on a better note Andrew and I saw despicable me today and it was very adorable.


You should not judge..ANYONE!!!!

Today i got a text from an old friend who i used to babysit for. She brought to my attention that she had to set someone straight about me the other day. The scenario went something like the person asking her who i married again, she said Andrew Crandell and the response was..." who would have ever thought..." I will admit that it upset me a little. I may have taken it the "wrong" way but how else would that be meant???????? I have tried so hard and can whole heartedly say that gossip is not a part of my life anymore. I fall short every now and then but i try my best to just not gossip about ANYONE. The reason why this response kinda jerked me was because there are the small minded people usually from heber who i went to school with who have this perception of me that i am a bad person. Let me tell you, think what you want- Yes i will clear up the "rumors" that i did make a mistake while i was dating a non menber but it is none of ANYONES business as long as i have handled my sins with heavenly father. YOU are not to judge me and it gives you no right to make a judgment on information that YOU do not know. This world is full of nasty hipocritical people who never have anything nice to say out of their mouths. It is always did you hear this, or can you beleive that. SHut your freaking mouths! Especially for the mormon people who do it and have said it about me. If you dont like me it is non of my business, practically i could care less, dont take this for me being bitter but if you have nothing better to do with your life then to pick out other peopls faults, maybe you just look in the mirror. Our religion is about FORGIVNESS! not that i need to be forgiven from any random human, but come on people. Focus on your own life and your own faults a little more than picking out everyone elses. I am the first one to admit that i made a mistake. I made many mistakes, and i still do but the difference is, is that i am not the judgmental person. Make a perception of me all you want based on a mistake that was made in HIGH SCHOOL, almost 6 years ago! I guess if YOU are perfect you can cast the first stone... right???

On a little lighter note... After all of the mistakes that i made, have made and WILL make, i can not help to be extra thankful for the gospel and the atonign sacrifice my savior made for me. Without him i would stuck in that small mind that others hold certain indivuduals to. I just can't beleive how blessed i have been with finding such an amazing husband and having all the blessings we have and still get each day in or home. I can't complain about anything because i would be ungrateful for what i have accomplished. I guess my feelings on what other people say is just one more thing i need to work at getting better at. I know who i am, but better yet Heavenly Fathers know who i am and the intentions of my heart- to that I am thankful for.

On a heavier note...I am over this:)