Brightons baby blessing

We blessed Brighton on may 5th. We were originally going to do it in April but Andrews Grandma passed away in North Carolina so we decided to go out there for the funeral and just had to put it off for a few weeks. The day was a little crazy since i wanted to make sure we got to church in time to save enough seats for the family... which still didnt happen... but the blessing was amazing. Andrew did such a great job giving our first son his blessing. His name is Brighton Jay Crandell. Andrew blessed him that he will have a meaningful life and that he may choose a beautiful bride to be his eternal companion...the rest i dont remember because i was crying. :) It just touched my heart to hear my husband say such sweet and spiritual things to our son and to hear the spirit speaking through him. This little Brighton boy... or Dullon so some may say:)... is just a charm. Brighton, I love you so much. I know one day you will go through the temple and have a family of your own and feel the same way about your first child as i do about you. Man! even thinking about this kid chokes me up! Im kinda a crybaby since i had him:)

Our Brighton is 18 weeks old!

It's sad how quick it flies by, especially when you are working:( Brighton has been doing so many things for so long now but i dont get time to blog so i just write it down in his book:)  He is so incredibly interactive, it melts my heart. I get told on a daily basis what a great baby he is and of course how beautiful he is! He has slept through the night since about 4 ish weeks old...maybe 5:) he does not cry just because he wants to (only when he is really tired). He goes to sleep on his own when you lay him down....he holds his own bottle, he not only rolls over, but rolls all over the house! He LOVES his toys and that to me is almost the cutest thing. When he gets super tired and im holding him he looks up and me and gives me a quick little smile, it ALMOST never fails! I cry:) He loves his daddy! but he loves his mommy just a little bit more! Brighton is just thee single most content and happy baby i have known. He wins all the hearts of anyone who is around him:) I am so lucky and blessed to have him in my life. I look forward to the next coming months when he can sit up all on his own.. he is almost there.. but he may crawl first! He is a mobile baby!  In about a month we are taking a vacation to New York and i am also excited about sharing that journey with him too. Today me and Andrew were talking and i keep bringing up that i want another baby... i know... CRAZY right???? I loved being pregnant and i miss the kicking inside my belly. we already agreed on 2 years in between so we will wait for another 10 months to start trying... maybe:) since Brighton has come along we found out we have 3 sister in laws pregnant so that is vrey exciting that he will have some cousins around the same age... so far we know one is a girl, i hope the next person who finds out finds out it will be a boy so they can be buddies! It's so late and im ready for bed. Work lately has been kicking my behind. I am so close to my promotion that i can taste it! I NEVER would have imagined in my life that i would be in banking...let alone manager! big shoes to fill...big shoes...:) well goodnight.