Going Private!

I have decided to go private with my blog! LEave me a comment here with your email address or email me at (there is NO F in there its my last name then Crandell of course then... I will sent you an invite:)

Thanksgiving Time-So much to be thankful for

WIth Thanksgiving right around the corner, it's nice taking a moment to think about what I have been blessed with in my life and what i am thankful for- a few of my favorite blessings

*My husband-whom I love so much

*Heavenly Father- whom is so very forgiving and never holds grudges

*The church- the guidance it brings

*My mom- she is so giving

*Family- both sides, the support and friendship

*Eternal Families- I can't wait to see Azure again- knowing that my marriage does not end at death do us part

*Agency- Free to choose

*Repentance- Gotta love it

There are so many things to be thankful for, at the present time there are some crazy happenings over here at the Crandell home. None i would like to ruin this post with so i will leave that for another time. I seem to always tell myself, no matter what my issues and struggles are, there is always someone who has it alot worse than myself. Be thankful for what you do have instead of complaining about what you don't have. Acceptance is the key:) This year for Thanksgiving we decided to just go up to Heber and make it a short trip instead of staying too long, but we enjoy going up to see the family for the holidays:)


The Cochran Wedding

I am a little late but i figured better late than never right? October 23rd Sara and Jesse were sealed in the Snowflake Temple. It is so awesome to be a witness of an eternal family. It's so uplifting knowing that theses two amazing people just took another step in the Lord's direction. I'm so glad to know this couple and am blessed that they have let us be a part of their life and also of their special day. Me and Sara plannes alot of their wedding together and when i got to the reception she threw me in some of her wedding pictures with a "bridesmaides" tie. It was so funny. I love her so much. Andrew got to DJ their wedding and the tenney ranch looked AH-mazing thanks to Tara tenney and her possy she gathered. Their 2 day sealing-reception was a smash and I am so happy for them! The cochrans
Me and the bride-so beautiful she looked

Go Jesse!~
Jesse's face explains it all.
The dress
Her makeup that she let me do, she looked way hot


Giving up soda

Since i started training on Monday, one of my tasks was to give up soda on the second week... So i was going to drink all the soda i wanted to this week and start next week... I thought i would just make it easier and quit this week... today is Saturday and i have not had soda since MONDAY! I know it seems lame, but soda is good and it helps me stay out of shape and lazy, so of course why would i give it up. I did though! I am so happy about that. Andrew is teasing me every chance he gets though for sure! Yesterday Andrew drank a total of 80 oz of soda all after 6pm! You know he always put it in my face and said... Manny I have sodaaaaa.... Agh I have almost wanted to, but I'm holding strong! At Katie's luncheon yesterday there was water or puncg, i figured (since monst mormon get togethers serve kool aid) that it was kool aid, well just so happens that i look over and they are putting sprite in it! oh man, i gave it up before drinking it and had the water:) Hopefully i will continue


A few things that i feel like...

These are what i feel like! I started raceday training yesteday (Monday). I have been telling my sister in law that i would do it and i just barely decided that i need to get back into shape... The first workout and now i am terrified to walk up my stairs! On the website there are a few steps to do after signing up and one was to pick a race and then tell everyone what you are doing... so here i am telling everyone my business... I am doing the Ragnar in February with alot of my in laws! I am so excited, and terrified and nervous at the same time... I started my half mile run yesterday... i know right? a half mile? thats nothing! but it is when your for one not in shape and for two not a runner! I just had to keep telling myself that i was almost done! Some of the picture can clarify just exactly how i felt while running and feel in general nowadays! When i run i seriously feel like how much this animal weighs. I feel like every ounce of my body just jiggles uncontrollably
I felt like Homer after the first half of the half mile. This is what i think my stomach looks like if i let it relax
and this is what i feel like my back side looks like-minus the thong

And this is soo true... this reads...Obesity finds it hardest to catch up with those who are running.


Don't forget to pray

I know i have been blogging alot about trying to find a job... well i had yet ANOTHER interview where i passed all the tests and got to the second interview. I'm scared and i don't know what is in store for me... I found myself moping and being so angry at verizon that i did what most normal people would do... Pray! yeah, that's the good stuff right there... so in all my praying I now have a few "potential" jobs... I am excited... here is the scoop... I interviewed with a man who owns a company and i am waiting to hear back from him... I also have a friend who is a doctor who has 2 sweet boys who need a good "sitter" or "nanny" and if i got those two jobs they would work together! That would be the ideal choice... then there is also go daddy which is tech support but it would put me back in a call center with me having no say or control over my hours... its a tough decision... I know which one i want, i just have to let heavenly father do his thing and hopefully i will understand why , how everything plays out. I am thankful for the power of prayer nonetheless, and i hope you all will remember to do it in all your daily doings.:)


I cant stand forwards

My sister in law kelli starkes... yes i am name dropping... text me something today where you open your phone and it starts playing some soft music like some type of jewelry box... I didnt read its contents because it started off with love chain... let's think about this for a second... love CHAIN... okay, i wont go there.. well anyway i wanted to text her back but i forgot to and tell her those things are stupid because a bad spell is not going to come upon me tomorrow and i am not going to lose someone that i love just because i dont forward the stupid thing on to 15 people... I mean the people who honestly do that must be on drugs and some pretty serious drugs to think that an email, or phone of any type will know... COUNT... the number of people you sent it to and send a non existent text to the text pharohs and you will receive some amazing gift, or prize or some love the next day... WEll just to make a long story short... Love chains and those sorts of things dont exist and dont work and technically you are just throwing 20 cents out the window to everyone that you send it to, not to mention the annoyance of having one sent as well. Alright well now that you all know i dont like forwards of any kind i feel like i will be able to sleep better tonight. :)

Testimony meeting

This past Sunday was the first testimony meeting me and Andrew were able to go to TOGETHER! i was pretty excited... i didn't even think about it being testimony meeting until we sat down and Andrew reminded me.. He did say though that we will get to find out how "weird" our ward is if they are based on this day... um can you say excuse me for a minute... Usually someone would blog about something spiritual they felt but not this time... bare with me... to start off there was like 400 kid testimonies and about 4 adults... the one adult that spoke the longest bore her testimony crying all the way through to where she was hard to understand... but what we did get out of it involved a miscarriage..which by the way is very sad and has nothign to do with this... but the after... um... BLOOD, "I started bleeding really bad" hospital, some surgery type stuff and i dont remember the rest... All this was coming out from under tears and a whiny voice. Now i could not help but to think to myself that i was being rude for having such weird feelings to this girl who i didnt know that was laying it ALL out on the table about her bloody story... but come on its just not something you share with the congregation... alright... so then a girl walks in i casually look over..mind you sacrament is almost over... and my eyes are all the sudden locked in on her ULTRA=mini skirt. It had a slit in it pretty much to her butt cheeks and when i say butt cheeks i mean a few inches from... but still... so this is the funny part, i look over to andrew and say... Did you seee that? and he shook his head and said no... see what... then starts laughing! ha, what a punk he is. Anyway... I must just give our ward time i guess and i am sure i will see that its not just all about mini skirts and bloody messes... other than that... the kids testimony meeting was very nice... just thought i would share our first testimony meeting and hope and pray no one from my ward reads this blog:)


more job hunting

Um.... so I had an interview the other day with an advertising company... a manager training posistion.. sounds good huh? hours were like mon-fri 9-5 good pay.. it turns out it was a sales position walking around home depot trying to get people to resurface their cabinets or organize their closets! Ugh i was discouraged. I am awaiting one response for an interview to see if i got that job but won't know until next week so I am hoping and praying and keeping my fingers crossed for that one. I have nothing against salesmen... but I think that if it is a sales position then the employer needs to be up front about it in the beginning of the interview that it is not for any type of a manager job and to not waste the applicants time OR the companies time. Anyway.. venting is over for now. but guess what! On good news... I signed up for the race day training to get me ready for the Ragnar in Feb... and i won an IPOD!!! YAY!!! I have never won anything... little did i know that i was even a chance of winning an ipod... Andrew says now i dont have to keep using his! ...:) Well anyway... I am watching a friend's kids right now so I don't have no camera or pictures... well i guess i do have some pictures... Maybe i can send them to my email... only she has a mac and the mac is smarter than me... ha i guess i will just not blog anything:)