I'm Sick!

I have not been to work since Wednesday! I thought i just had a cough but turns out i have an infection in my lungs! So i found this out yesterday, the same day Andrew left for Heber to go horn hunting with Daniel. I'm so lonely without him. Well since I am sick and sound like a man and am always coughing and cant sleep comfortably I miss him even more. On top of being sick i get emotional because I'm so miserable and i just realize how so much more I NEED him! He is a wonderful husband and has nto really gotten to go horn hunting since we were married. He is having fun, but it sucks being sick and not having your husband to help you:( It's times like this though that i realize how truly in love with him I am and it is magnified when he leave me for days at a time! Of course i normally would go with him, but I don't want to get the whole town of Heber sick! So I am sitting here at home BORED out of my mind, cleaning, rearranging, and organizing everything i possibly can set my eyes on until there is nothing more to do. I have so much free time if you take my work, school, and husband away! how amazing is that! haha Well I'm going to go clean some more, I just thought i would also throw this out there that I will be going private soon on my blog;)


Another baby!

Grandma Eighmey
He is so cute, not sure why he had his hand up there, but it made for a cute picture!

Madden M. Yarn

AW! I think it's about time for my own!

So on February 6th my sis had her 5th kid! holy geez. She is stronger than i am, there is no way i could have 5 kids at 25! Well now I guess i could, but i would have to have them all in a matter of 57 months... So i would need a few sets of multiple births! Um i guess we will just wait for a little longer;) Well his name is Madden, I tried to get her to name him Maddox because i like that name and if she was going to do anything close im not going to have a maddox and her have a madden, it's toooo confusing. So my baby names are a secret! I didnt get to see him until they came down for their anniversary, it was sad. He is so cute, I am pretty sad that i won't be up there all the time to watch him grow every day. I still remember when my oldest nephew Brian was little growing up I practically lived with my sister and he would call me mommy and brandi mom. He was so cute. Now i wont be there all too often and he probably wont even like me;( .. Alright i will still be his favorite aunt, i usally am;) Well here are a few pictures of and with the little pooper.


In Loving memory

Can you see something wrong with this headstone??????????

We took my grandma out to the cemetery the other day. It's been about a year since i have taken her out there and i was the last one to, so its been about the same time for her. My grandpa dies sadly almost 3 years ago. He was the greatest grandpa and he treated nmy grandma so well. She misses him so much still. She thought it would a nice gesture to bring him a chocolate rose for the birds to maybe eat on his headstone... HAHA she is so crazy.

My Crazy Husband


His long new crazy punked out hair. He looks so hot!

His long cute curly hair

So Andrew decided to do this...


Chris shivers... one of the crazy bull riders
they lit up the dirt with fire and fireworks

His awesome pink bull shirt

this is the only picture that turned out with the bulls jumping around

So i redeemed my valentine's day gift on Sunday night. We went to the PBR, it was SO much fun. One of the bull fighter's was so hillarious! He was dancing like madonna, michael jackson, beyonce! It was hillarious. We were laughing almost the entire time! He had some random guy up slapping his butt, and he was making fun of the fat announcers, he had a good voice and he could dance!~ Alsoback to the BULLS.. andrew wore his pink bull shirt, he is so funny, and 2 of the guys got hurt. I can't wait to go again, hopefully one in Vegas! After The show got over, we didnt want to fight traffic so we went down and watched the next movie that was coming on, it happened to be Paul Blart Mall cop.. it was kinda funny, in a sheesy way. We also had fun playing in the arcade playing an addictive game trying to win an IPOD! haha, we didnt win it;(

Concert number i forget... it's been so many

those feet belong to him... the lead singer
yes... his feet.. We were that close. i could touch his toes!

um i don't know what happened to the rest of this picture.

Andrew and I went to go see one of our favorite bands on Friday... Vayden. They are so good. The lead singer has such an amazing voice. We went to this little venue in Tempe and we got there at 6:20 and waited in the line at the VERY front by the door they said they would open... turns out they were wrong! we still were all the way up to the stage though. There was a band who played before named oh i forgot! haha, well anyway, they were terrible, the lead singer reminded me from the killer on the movie saw, and the song named the "F" word. It was LAME! but anyway... the show from Vayden was awesome. Thanks babe.

Wosrt Blogger award goes to... ME.

So after my total stupid blog of posting everything backwards i vowed to not post again! ha but im back... I'll try better i finally found out what i was doing...