Wedding book

Andrew has a cousin who is very telented! her website is on my page it's the Your Digital Designer under my favorites... she is making us a wedding book and she has just started it, she sent me a few pictures of the first pages that have been completed and i think they are SO cute! THought i would share.


putting house on hold to go to utah

I got the opportunity to go to Utah with my mother in law to take care of some Family business... It just so happened that Katie Crandell is going to be Katie Kartchner! She was really bummed out that her mom could not go and well... SURPRISE! Kyle was in on it the whole time and it was so cute to see Katie and Alice hug and cry and cry. We stayed at Kyle's parents house in Provo Canyon... It was sooo pretty. First thing i heard when i got out of the car was elk bugling! Andrew was so jealous! I stayed up every night so late to try and hear them so i can let andrew listen but they always came after i fell asleep! It was saddening... Katie's wedding is gonna be so pretty and I am so excite for her and Kyle.:) Congrats you two
the river through the grand canyon... colorado river. this is where you get on to do the rafting tours in utah...

I never even knew this timy town had a temple!

It is very pretty though. Small but yet still so sacred AND gets the work done

a whole in the rock somewhere

pretty water falls in provo canyon

oh how i miss this! you dont see this in PHOENIX

Katie's ring
another shot... It's pretty. Kyle did such a good job

This is why i was driving.... gotta love it

WEll i am TRYING to show off the new power thingies that went up but Alice's windsheild is broken in about 200 places

another waterfall

and another...

I dont know why i didnt get any pictures of their faces...just their butts. I was going for a candid shot but it didnt turn out very well
Alice saw the rainbow, but no pot of gold

The house is coming along

These are some of the pictures when we first started to move things in. The process was not too long but after everything was in there was so much to put away!!! My doctor told me that i can't lift anything too heavy and does not want me doing too much so i don't take away fromt he physical therapy treatments since the accident. I almost felt helpless at one point but i was able to get through it! this is a picture from the dining room looking into the living room and its messy.
this is my accent wall.. You cant see the whole thing i will put ANOTHER picture up later. Andrew decided it would be cute to paint the stair posts and i really like it!

After Andrew unloaded our whole storage into our living room:(
just a different view but still just as much stuff

after a few hours work from Andrew and I.

Now it is starting to feel more like a home, but there is still no decorations up or any home decor.. that is all still sitting in a box..

A big thanks to my husband

My husband has been working alot lately and i made a deal with him that i would do the house stuff as long as he moved everything in. He did SO much more than that and i Love him for it. He has done so much around the house and has made it alot easier on me. We had a hayday with the entertainment center because it has special bolts and screws that go to it...well we could not find them but i could have sworn i put them in his tool box... he said he looked and they were not there... three trips it took us to the hardware store to get the right screws and washers. After it was all done andrew looked in the TOP part of his tool box and found the screws!!! It was alot of fun though and we laughed really hard once he found the screws. I also went to Utah with my mother in law for a few days and when i came home andrew had went and bought ceiling fans and installed them so we had light in the house! He is a really great husband and I'm so grateful for all he does for me and has done with the new house. He setup the washer and dryer all on his own, he is so great
and the entertainment center...

A guest over for dinner

we had our first visitors over for dinner since we moved in. Amy and Leon came all the way from litchfield park to have some swedish meatballs! It was fun. They got to see the house and then we went out for ice cream after. Leon got in a tickling mood after dinner so i took some pictures. Amy also brought us our house warming gift, it is so cute! I dont have a pic but i will get one. Its a votive candle that has magnetic sides that attach on for different seasons and the smells of the candles she picked are AMAZING!!! Thansk for coming out, we look forward to much more family coming.

Painting our new home

Well we moved in Labor day weekend...the weekend we have a family reunion in heber so we were unable to go, and all our family was there too so we didnt really have much help with painting. Jesse and Sara came over expecting to help paint saturday and stay the night and go home sunday. Bless their hearts they stayed the WHOLE weekend and ever helped move all our things on Monday. They spent their whole weekend giving service to us. We are so thankful to them for that. There is no way i could have done it without them. They are the best! We got alot done...the two living spaces the loft upstairs and the hallway. I painted an accent wall a few days later that i will share in a diff post and the kitchen i am holding off until i feel like taping and painting and waiting and doing it all over again. The other rooms i have not yet entirely decided what i want in each one so the painting will continue when i have more time and more ideas. Good thing My couse in like 6 and a half feet tall otherwise i would have had to buy a ladder.
My dear husband found this "Awesome" couch in a thrift store in Sun City where all the old folks live. It is in very good condition and he really like it alot i will admit it is comfortable. I was complaining that it is dirty and someone prob died on it. He bought it for 75 and was off 1000 and he didnt take it!!! AHHH. So i just let him decorate the upstairs loft in his style. He is such a funny man. He really likes vintage things.

The difference in color from what it was before to now.

Of course louie is always a part of the fun

The entry way is very high up and with no scafulting there was no way we could reach much more than you see here.

I would do mainly the bottom and the top and corners with the little roller




This was the first wall we started on. Had literally no idea how it would turn out so we just sat and waited for it to dry.

Sara's Bridal Shower in Heber.

Hey guess what!!! I did my blog backwards again!!! ugh! Anyway Andrew's cousin and mine now through marriage... JEsse Cochran is getting married on Oct 23rd. Sara's Bridal shower was on Saturday September 12th. Jesse rented her a big car and me, Larissa, Arona, and Sara all went up to her Bridal shower at aunt claudia's house. It was so much fun. She got some nice presents for her home!~ It was so great to go up and see all the family and support sara in this decision. I'm so happy for them and can't wait to watch them get sealed in the temple! On our way back to the valley there was a car show in payson so we stopped to look. In the back of a truck were these huge dogs! It was funny, the owner had hay in the truck like they were horses. At first we thought they were mean because they almost ate us and then a little old lady walked right up to the truck just to get licked by these dogs, after all we were just all too scared!

horses? No just HUGE dogs.

Sara and Beki.

Sara and Becca.

We stopped where my mom works to get a little bite to eat

ooohhh lala

Joni played the bubble gum game, for every question she answers wrong she eats a piece of gum, luckily she only had to eat like 5 pieces.

some of the attendees

already 3 peices of gum and thinking VERY hard.