Memorial Day at the Ranch

For Memorial Day every year we brand the cattle on the ranch. This year was my first time since i didn't have to work! I was a little skeptical about the whole thing since i am such a softie for animals. I find it horrible to cut their you know what off and I didnt want to have any part in it. Well when i got there, Andrew told me they were rubber banding them off this time, so i thought i would join in. I branded and worked with the rubber bad gun thing. I didn't help wrestle any down to the ground like all the crazy men. Poor LJ got kicked a few times, one straight to the ZONE! Andrew got stepped on and all bruised up too so i figured I would do the better less painful work. Of course all the family comes up so we have a non stop weekend of play with all of our billion neices and nephews and get to join our family for some nice church time. Before we left we were able to go eat dinner with the fam at Red Onion. It's been forever since then so i don't remember half the other things that we did... sorry. What i do remember though, invloves a ride out to the ranch with Jennie and us thinking we went too far so we turned around, a truck full of dead coyotes, frezer burnt hamburger patties, frisbee golf, a stomach ache, and a newborn baby cow! Pretty eventful time. We always have a blast.
Andrew had to finish it off for me since it had to be tight enough to cut ALL circulation off.

Savannah with the baby cow.

He is pretty much the coolest guy ever. I think this was right after he was riding this cow, and of course i missed it on camera!

Andrew is teaching her bad things. Andrew says that he LIVES on Mt. Dew. She has lucky charms in her other hand

Uncle Daniel stuck Carter's shoes in his underpants! It was HILLARIOUS to watch. Sorrry CArter if this imbarrases you.:)

Poor Brooky hit her mouth and it was bleeding. Someone has to get hurt at every family gathering though right?

Everytime Andrew comes around the kids go least the ones who like it. That is Hayden up there. Kamryn used to be the one who would always want to be thrown up but since her little spiff on the mountain, she barely likes to be put over his head. I guess Hayden will have to do the job now. And as a side note, Andrew is going to be a GREAT father! I can't wait

Miss Landy got to spend the whole weekend in Heber with us since mom was sick;( She is the most adorable baby and her personality is hillarious.

~Playing Catch Up~

  • Andrew is out in the living room sleeping, fell asleep listening to the more NEWS coverage than September 11Th got about the death of Michael Jackson and what such a GREAT icon he was. I mean don't get me wrong, people can have a love for someone and even idolize them, but i NEVER would have imagined in a million years that Michael was this some "King" that he is being said to me, and as much as i don't want to believe that someone would settle for a monetary settlement when he supposedly "molested" their child is just beyond me. So yeah he is rich and famous, well actually i heard not so rich anymore... but nonetheless I STILL can't believe there is so much controversy and hype over a man who has been so much in the negative public eye. He sure can dance and sing, but this ongoing "tragic days" should come to pass at some point. I probably sound really morbid, uncaring and selfish for this little Michael Jackson post, I feel bad for the family and my thoughts and prayers are with them because i know what it is like to lose a member of my family. I guess I am just disappointed in the coverage of what is more so being said now than anything. I have gotten rotten jokes about him and little boys, which some were humorous, but in the same instance EVERYONE makes jokes about it like its just natural, but now that he is dead, people are acting like he is some type of God. I just don't think it's right. Tragic ending I guess right? I hope this blog is making a small bit of sense. In other news... Farah Fawcet loses the battle to cancer, more about MJ when we return... What... come on. I guess I am just SICK of hearing MJ on EVERY news channel, Station, and now Internet page.

    Okay so beyond the MJ talk.... I have alot to blog about... going back to the memorial day on the ranch, branding the cows. Family vacation... RUNNING! sometimes very unconventional and unsatisfactory, Buying a house, and the talk about having a baby. All coming up next, when i return.


A Look Back On Our Year~ Happy Anniversary to Us.

Me and Andrew made it to the Big 1! The one we heard was to be our hardest! We have so much love for eachother that it was not hard at all! It was so much fun and we are looking for wqard to so many more years! He really is a great husband. Sometimes around our house we pick on each other so much that it's almost like an Everyboy Loves Raymond sitcom. We are ALWAYS laughing. He suprises me sometimes by the things he does for me that are not really "men" departments:) He is such a blessing to me. Here are a few of my favorite pictures and some of the ONLY ones i could get to upload! The temple is so pretty in the background.! Thanks to all our family and friends who came to support us. Our line. Leon's face is so funny! No words needed here

Our BEATUIFUL cake that was specially made for us. Thanks;)

This was fun! Im glad my photographer Annette Allen got some good shots of this. Its like a rolling film but in still frames, i could not get the others to upload but my face is so funny.

My awesome husband dancing with his bride!

Fixin me up

My favorite portait taken by the temple. I didnt get one of Andrew by himself:(