I'm such a nerd that when i looked at my blog, i just remembered the last pictures i post are the first ones seen... so if you want to read my blog in order you have to go down, then up! SOrry.

The Best Valentine's Day

Any my fav! I love shopping for him. At one point in his life, he thought he was the only person to have found brown K-swiss... but not anymore;) So thats my blog about my wonderful valentine's day. We took Grandma out that night for dinner. We love her and am glad we can live with her for a while. she is great company.
Black roses, not too sexy and romantic, but more manly, these came later..


Now on to him... this is his card,

He is so sweet, he even got my grandma roses!

He is so amazing. When i got home I was excited to give him his gift i found for him, and since i had stayed in Chandler all week working crazy overtime, I had sent him a valentine's card. When i got home and walked into my room this so sweet and thoughtful surprise was awaiting me. The letter he wrote me was so sweet it made me teary! I'm so grateful for such an awesome man.

Oh! Now it clicks in... 8 seconds... BULL RIDING! got it. Phew!

2 letters...

"To aquire this gift i must prove to my husband that i can ride for 8 seconds...wink wink" He must clearly have the night confused.

Oh and the roses, can't forget about the roses, this means you know you will get SOMETHING at the end of the night...

MORE chocolate

starbursts, see if you can get the wrapper off with your toungue to test your skills

Nice sexy music to set the mood

Chocolates...with caramel even

Oh Valentine's day, yet just another day where the woman gets unnecessary things and over priced flowers and fattening chocolates. What ever happened to hand made gifts and the love of a person.... alright, i guess the attention is alright one day out of the year!~ Well as for my Valentine's day goes, I got the message from my husband that he didn't get me anything but his love. " I didn't get you anything for valentine's day. I'm sorry I'm such a bad husband. I hope my love is enough."----So what does this mean...

The finish to the Never ending antique store

Had me and my sis not gotten rid of the 500 we had, we could sell them for $10 each now!
This is no antique, but it IS a creepy little glass doll that they should have painted clothes on.

geez another one, but this one is almost my fav. the valance is cute.

Another rustic Kitchen

I don't know if i would classify these as ANTIQUES...

rustic kitchen

Laundry Room. This is such a cute idea.

I got tired and stopped my blog in the middle! sorry here is the rest.


The never ending antique store

very old bowls and cooking things, these things were dating back to the 1800's!
a littel girls room

a littel boys room

just another view.

This was one of the upstairs shots i took, in the middle are those rows of enclosed glass shelves they have hundreds of vendors that sell all kinds of things in them, i saw knives, cuff links, cabbage patch dolls, masks, you name it, this place has it.

We went from there on to a store called A Mad Hatter's Home Decor. This store is something you have got to go experience for yourself. over 20,000 Square Feet of home decor, modern day and antiques. Its truly phenominal. We walked into the store thinking it was just like all the others, one story and cramped, but when we walked in it was like a department store with a huge wrap around upstairs and stair ways in every corner of the store, as we walked more through the categorized store it was like a maze with more and more compartments opening up. once upstairs we were then surprised AGAIN with ANOTHER upstairs... so... 3 stories, 20,000 sq ft, probably millions of items! insane, but a very fun time. p.s. Don't take kids... haha

A day of shopping

is it a closet? a shower room? Haha not sure what it is but it was still cool. This is the last picture i took in this store. They had a lot of the same stuff beyond this.
An old hutch with authentic old baking ware.

This was a mantle in a little girl's room, it kind of had the paris them going on.

This was the prettiest kitchen! this is the decor that is in my kitchen, only mine is not so cluttered of course. This store had amazing things for good prices too!

ALright, so get ready for this post, it will be mainly pictures... on our way to the houses we found old Glendale where there was antique shops galore so we decided to make a pitstop. this was one of the signs we saw that was funny. Oh and by the way.. there is a store called matildas vintage closet, we went in there, it was like on the movies where the woman is scarlett with her big feather hat and the nasty long fur coat... only it smelt like saturated diapers and body odor... COMBINED! It was the MOST disgusting store i have ever seen/stepped foot into/ smelt in my life! As a matter of fact, i didn't even stay long enough to take a single picture of one of the disgusting "drunken" manicans that were out on display.. just anyway, moral of my story is stay away from Matilda's vintage closet.

Just us..

What was that mom?

And then i proceed to make fun of her, it was mainly because of that baheemeth size of nachos that were sitting on out table in front of us waiting for us to make something out of them.

My mom is funny, she wont sit still long enough for you to take a picture of her, so this is one of her many famous shots, she is saying" Don't take my picture!" the hand getures give it away.


One more bite mommy!!! comeon you can do it!

Comparison of the two dishes... The size of those nachos is almost disgusting.

My plain boring burrito... I am beginning to be just like my friend Heather...;) but at least i was releived knowing i did not have the whole kitchen to eat like my mom..

Okay, this was NOT funny... Me and my mom ate lunch at arriba's. I got a burrito and my mom got nachos... thinking a normal size plate of nachos? Try a 16-17 inch pizza plate of nachos!!! I could not help but to as the waitress if she was serious or not.

In Leu of my sister having her baby my ma was able to escape the Red Onion for a week's vacation... What did she do? She helped Brandi, and helped Brandi some more, and then came to the valley to see me to hang out for a few days. What did she find? 20,000 Sq Feet of ANTIQUES!!! It was crazy... so this blog will be pretty long, but pretty interesting. Here is how our day started out... Brian told my mom to go look at a few houses that were on sale for 500, and 1000 dollars... We started out the day in search of these homes, but was very sidetracked throughout the day...


Golf anyone?

We went goofy golfing with my grandma the other night, although she did not play. I have alot of memories at this golf course (mini). My grandpa would always let me go with him and his friend before he died. I remember i could not wait to turn 8 years old so i could finally play with him and it was so much fun.. So i kicked andrew's butt the first round, but he got me back on the second... there is not many pictures with both of us in it since Grandma does not take pictures;)

So happy new year...only a little late.

Me and Andrew New Years,

Going in for the first kiss!... if the new year

The stage andrew setup with all the bright lights

The midgets!!! This was the best picture i could get, they would not stand still for a second!

I have not blogged since christmas! k so not much going on anyhow... New Years Andrew was doing the show at westgate, we watched Metal Head perform, and just sat and watched a bunch of people get pretty drunk! it was crazy., oh and also we watched midgets dance on stage! haha. But the best part of the night was my New Year's Kiss from Andrew ;)