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Mandy and Eighmey at the Zoo

A tribute to families

I came across this today with the help of like a million text messages... It is a youtube video of a brian and azure and a few other couples that are friends with the men singing the cover of the song "one more day with you" by diamon rio. It is really special and I think that it was really thoughtful for these guys to do this. Of course you can't help but to cry, I knew Azure and I heard of Skylers death not too long ago. This is really cool. It solidifies what us Latter Day Saints stand for and knowing that families are forever brings this home just a little closer. It does not matter that Azure has been gone for over 2 years, 3 this october, things like this bring it all back and you can't help but to shed a tear, sad, but yet still such a happy tear knowing we will all get to see her again, and the other families will see their passed on loved ones as well. Check it out, it is pretty cool. Here is the you will just have to copy and paste... sorry
This is what they have posted on you tube:
Three2U presents the video of their recording "One More Day": a special tribute to the memory of their friends Charlee Hawkins, Azure Starkes and Skylar Stock. This video was produced to be used as a special tribute to their departed friends in a recent live concert in Arizona presenting the release of Three2U's new album titled 'Deep Peace'. This song was originally made famous by Diamond Rio. Three2U is Joe Tenney, Jon Buehner, and Richard Talbot. Their album is available at their website and through

The time has come...

for... SCHOOL! Yay! Well it only has taken him almost 2 years of us being married over 3 of not, but Andrew has finally decided that he needs some schooling to find a better job to support a family! I can't be more excited for him to start and then to finish! Since I need to finish my nursing degree i figured i would take the placement test as well to see where i am since it has been almost 3 years of no school for me either! geez i should not have quit! ugh... Anyhow, tomorrow at 11am after our escapade with the missionares we are going to take a placement test here in town at CAC, I am really glad there is a community college here in town so we do not have to drive so far away for school. Andrew has actually picked his field of study and I am very pleased with his decision! I am not telling what it is yet:) Anyhow, I thought i would express my happiness! It has been a long time coming and I have just let it slide since i do not want to be that nagging wife about him not going to school but i HAD to have that convo with his like 5 times since i stopped working because the route i am in now is not one i want to stay on for very long. I need to finish my degree as well for times like this, I don't want to be left behind but not the only problem is... is that since we did have two incomes in 2008 and most of 2009 we are not approved for ANY financial aid, the kind you don't have to pay back anyway and that makes me sad because we just got all the way out of debt and we don't want to get right back into it, even if it is for school[ I am done rambling on now, wish Andrew the best he is nervous for school and not sure how he will juggle life, work, school and marriage but I am sure he will do just fine at it:)


I could not resist taking this little boy's picture

A few weeks ago I took my niece Eighmey to the Phoeniz zoo! She was able to come down with her dad and stay at Aunt mandy and Uncle Andrew's house for a whole week! WE had a lot of fun. I will post pictures of the zoo in a few... while we were at the zoo we were standing in line for a drink and Eighmey kept looking at this little boy, I think he was 7 but i am not positive. Anyway he is SO handsome! He was such a good kid too he was not hyper or crazy he was just having a conversation with me like an adult! I had to ask him if i could take his picture, he just smiled and said sure. Dang i even forgot his name- I am calling that this boy will be famous someday! Do you think he is a cute little boy?


A few things I am grateful for

I'm not sure where all the gushy stuff comes from but sometimes it just comes. I am feeling really grateful for quite a few things right now.
~ I FINALLY got a job. It took me forever and I had pretty much given up and knew i needed to just go back to school and then out of the blue i got a call.
~ I am grateful that I grew up working and know how to work and do a good job, so therefore i am grateful for the "promotion" I ALREADY got at work after about 9 days and now I will be in a new department AND making more money-can't complain.
~ I'm grateful that I was humiliated but yet still humble to take the job i have. To be honest it is not my forte and I have had ALOT of people young and old ask me what in the heck I was doing-even some of the managers asked me:)
~ I am grateful enough that i did not listen to all the people who said i do not belong at my job- let me let it out. I got hired to be a DOOR GREETER! at Wal Mart. I was just so glad that i had a job, i got my foot in the door and now I am doing different things-People underestimate Wal Mart-yes they have some old and slow workers there but the people i work with all are great and have very unique personalities.
~ Again, I anm grateful to have a job but also very grateful to not be a door greeter any longer:) ~ I am grateful that verizon decided to fire me as an employee so I could see that i can live my life free of debt and not have to spend so much and have so many things. It is hard not having money all the time to do and buy whatever you want, but i never heeded the council to "LIVE WITHIN MY MEANS"- Now... I do.
~ I am grateful to and for my husband that he has been so patient with me when i have wanted to give up and kick rocks. Now i won't give him all the credit but he truly is a good man, at times I think I don't deserve him but the temple dignifies everything we are/have and will be.
~ I am grateful for my mom- she puts up with SO much crap from us kids, work, and some more work. She truly is a trooper- hang in there mom, things will look up.
~ I am grateful for my dad- oddly enough I am sure EVERYONE knows of things he has done, said, or not said and the hard times we had as a family but now-today- my heart smiles when i see his name on my caller id.
~ I am grateful for planes, trains and automobiles, bikes and even treadmills:)
~ I am grateful for our church and all the wonderfulness it has about it, the stories, the morals, the standings, the solidity and the truthness of it.
~ I am grateful for missionaries, the pair we have now really push us to do good things.
~ I am grateful that families are forever. Recently one of my sister in laws' dad passed away-pur prayers are with the entire family- but it is only through our testimonies and strength that we know those who die are continuing the lord's work and what an amazing feeling that is to know that it is truly not the end.
~ I am grateful for my strong, sexy, loving, charming handsome rock of a husband. I know I already said this but things have been crazy for us lately and each day i find out some way to love him more and more. speaking of which he had a bad headache the other night and he was WHINING:) I gave him some Excedrin PM- the next morning all he could say was don't ever drug me again- It was cute... that was on Tuesday, Today... Thursday he has another bad headache, come 8 o' clock he asked for some more of that medicine:) I love him
~ And lastly I am grateful for EVERYTHING in my life that i failed to mention that makes my day go by much easier than it would had i been born in the 1800's:) I am grateful for my body that i have one that i can use, walk, run, jump, talk. There are everyday things that we all take for grantid- there are so many people in this workd restricted and confined to wheelchairs, beds, or even homes.
Be grateful- one of Gordon B. Hinkley's 6 B's. It is a small gesture that goes a long way!
~~What are you thankful for?~~

I have to brag...

I totally did this post backwards-oops it's late:)

...about my hair stylist. She is AMAZING. I know i have family now that is in the same business and he is AMAZING too, but the girl who does my hair is one of my best friends, she always does such a good job and she is so patient because i have a TON of hair- NO JOKE she has to schedule me out 4 hours usually! It took us from 930-130 today and she even thins it out a little. Well anyway, she has been doing my hair for 4 years now and I am always being asked where i get my hair done. Whoever knows me knows that I like color in my hair, not crazy colors just the usual but i like a lot of contrast. Heather does just that, just the way i love it EVERY time. She now does my mom's hair ,my sister occasionally, quite a few people up in Heber and about 7 of my friends hair. She is so reasonably priced that I would almost think she needs to charge more. I remember going to regis and places like that and it would cost me about 160 before tip and that is not including the dry and "style". Now i don't even come CLOSE to that number, quite amazing.

Our little Miley-

So this is Miley. I am such a slacker this post is long over due because Andrew and I got her in January! We had NO intentions of getting a dog that day when we were out and about and stumbled across this little one and could not resist. We decided to let the nieces and nephews name her- some of the choices were lila, lilly, pixie, and now I can't remember the rest of them but we chose Miley and it fits her perfectly. She is a lot of fun though. I know there are alot of people who don't LIKE dogs, but WE do and we love both the two we have. Together they make up all of 4.5 pounds. Everywhere we go with them people want to stop and play with them because they are so small. Miley eats like a cow but since we got her has not grown one lick and she is supposedly not a teacup but we are still awaiting her to get bigger. We will be trying to have some puppies when Miley is old enough. So the babies for Andrew and I are still not in the mix, I know i teased a little about our "new addition" but those are yet to come still. For now we are just enjoying us and our little yorkies. this was her first time up the stairs,she was a little cautious
she is such a cuddler. She does not like to sleep anywhere but on your shoulder or your face or neck, you would think she was a parott

And she is even THAT little that she fits in mty cooking apron pocket, now you have to admit that it is cute...