a decision to make

Brighton will be here in about 3 ish months, i have yet to make up my mind about if i will continue to work either full or part time... I love my job and i am so good at it! For most people who ready my blog i think it would be safe to say that yall know i have always worked... I started when i was like 8 and a half.... part of me is SO ready to just walk out the door and never look back and just be a stay at home mommy... but then there is another part of me that is wondering if i should keep part time at least so i can keep my sanity... It really is a tough decision and i would love to be able to have an at home job... maybe i could just find that! Until March ish time is when i will make my decision but until then i guess i will just have work:)

just to vent.

My car is slowly breaking.... the other day the door handle, now the CD player wont give me back my cd's... why do they make things just to break anymore.... I literally and almost pasionately loathe entirely car salesman and i do not anytime soon (while I am still paying my car) want to visit any one of them..... It kills me... Since i am in finance now i know so much more and i do drive a hard bargain so i know i will not get worked over again, but i still am refusing to go to one. sorry if you are a car salesman reading this:) be honest:)

Vegas Baby

Andrew and I planned a trip with a couple to vegas in december before i have this little guy... we.. butmainly i am SOOOO excited.... Well Andrew called me last Tuesday and said i am going to vegas! I was bummed because my manager did not let me go... but she did let me go on saturday so i took a plane up to vegas and got to stay one night in the MANDALAY BAY! whoa! that hotel is way nice. It was fun, expensive food but i just love the atmosphere there. I got to pet a baby lion! And... Elmo touched my stomach, haha its not everyday that you can get that kind of treatment! Vegas, I can't want to visit you in December for 3 days this time instead of one!


the miracle of life

Tomorrow i will be 6 months. It is crazy how fast the time is going. I just started another quarter at the bank, its weird how i measure my time as it goes by in the year by quarters instead of months.... i only about one quarter left plus a few weeks! The pregnancy is going so well now that i am not sick... I have gained 5 pounds, maybe 6 now since my apt was last month but we will see when i go back in. Brighton was confirmed 3 times over that it is for SURE a boy so i feel a lot more at ease now being pretty positive he wont come out a she. I however have not picked out what i shall decorate the nursery in. Its such a hard decision for me. I want it to be absolutely perfect so it will take me more time and planning. This special little guy has been waiting for andrew and I to make this move for so long now and i just want to make sure i dont regret the nursery i make for him... not that he will even care. haha. Its just the way i want it to be though. My Aunt and uncle are so generous and she practically bought us our crib and changing table set with all the linens and matress and all that good stuff... Its so pretty. It even came with the baskets for the changing table. So we have some progress... a few years ago andrew and i bought a pair of mossy oak boots as well so we have those:) I wish i could post a pic on here right now of what Andrew looks like.... he is sleeping on the love seat, louie is on his left shouler and miley is sleeping on his right arm and he is in deep slumber. Yesterday (saturday) he had to take a stage down in cottonwood at around 8 then drive back to phx and be at the aids walk at 3:30 am to setup another stage..... he asked me to go with him to cottonwood because sometimes he falls asleep and it scares me...i went and was able to drive him there and back safely and we even had a super yummy dinner at johnny rockets in the casino in camp verde:) So getting back to Andrew... He recently passed his test for a potential new job... we just got the word so more to come on what happens with that, but in the mean time he is working all the time and crazy hours to just make extra money:) We are hoping that i wont have to work after i have Brighton so evenything helps right now...
okay so to the baby...
The ultrasound showed he weighs 1 pound and one ounce... although i have gained 5... ugh... he is active as ever and he is already on my schedule which i hope he stays on. He does not move too much at night when i am sleeping and he lets me know he is awake with me throughout the day. I still am wearing my normal pants and at times the button area will push into my stomach when i am sitting down or bending over and he always kicks it... I think it is so cute. I was told that i would really enjoy being able to feel him inside me and i truly truly do its just the most amazing thing i have felt in any point in my life. Funny story... andrew and i went on a date the other night with katie and kyle... andrew was on the phone with me and making sure i got himextra clothes... he was going through a list to make sure i did not forget anything, it went kinda like this...
did you get my hat?, yes
did you get my shirt? yes
do you have the popcorn bag? yes
what about the cups?
okay, do you have the baby?
HAHA,... um yes i am pretty sure i do have him at all times.
I am excited to see where the next few months take us with this growing belly of mine and a potential new career for andrew.... yay! The many blessings we have seen this whole year is just astonishing. I cant be more happier that we decided to grow our family when we did. I was also told that when you first see your child at birth you forget your life before you ever had him or her.. It is wierd already because its hard to picture myself not pregnant and expecting this little guy. I can't wait!