PLEASE go to this website... Brandon Muir is a dear friend of Andrew and I. He has such a loving family and he is very sick. 25k is needed for his next surgery. The website explains it all! its this saturday march 5th- ANY size donation helps or you can buy raffle tickets to enter into drawings for over 40 prozes including a flat screen tv, airline tickets, photo sessions and much much more! PLEASE DONATE and help a family get their dad back!

dearest sister and brother in law yarns

I still love you and your family! I miss all you guys and i know i dont stay in contact much because if you read my below post you will understand- which i know you do anyhow- but one day when i am a mom and i dont work my life away then i wil be able to skype you and you can follow me on twitter and you can leave me dumb messages on my facebook because that is when i will have time in my day to do so.... Happy anniversary, you guys are getting to become a freakishly old married couple. Please dont start going to bed at 8 soon.. wait a few more years for that. I love you and miss you and send you my warmest squishes even though this is late and i could have told you on the phone earlier- peace

for all those of you who read my "inspirational" posts... and comments...

I just thought about logging in tonight and posting SOMETHING!!! but i was not sure what. I like it when i get comments, then i know at least SOMEONE has read my rantings which most of the time they are all over the place, my apologies:) The other day i was shocked when this particular person told me that they read my blog- i felt pretty good. Sometimes i post things on here thinking noone reads up on the crandell home in good ole maricopa--- so here is what has been happening.
1.) Andrew has been hard at work doing his taxidermy. He is so passionate about it and he often asks for my help to hold something or sometimes just to hold back the hair on the hide... and yes even one time he wanted my help skinning a bobcat- it was... different. I must say he has told me to shut my mouth a few times because i am so critical and i ask all kinds of questions because i am not exactly sure how it all works but i am learning... nevertheless, he still insists of having me a part of it:) haha. oh man... he is doing good though, ironically i found him his first client who he is doing like 6 mounts for! The other day he actually got his first phone call from a random stranger!!! He is still putting in lots of hours at Pro-Em and he helps out this other company and his bro at time when he can as well... needless to say he is a pretty busy guy.
2. As far as me... I am still obsessed with how i can become better with my photography and i am never far from looking at all the new camera accessories, lens, bodies... etc. It's too bad andrew and i both have expensive hobbies... since we are both just starting out we dont charge very much so we have to save up to upgrade:) I did my first twin photo shoot a few weeks ago and i am pretty happy with the outcome of that. I have already booked up my whole month of march aside from my long hours at wells fargo and I have a lot of events i will be volunteering at as well. I dont get a minute to myself anymore it seems...but on the good side i am doing service which is most pleasing and so gratifying! Wells Fargo... I love it! I would have never imagined that 5 months after i start i would be interviewing for a promotion... are you wondering what the answer is about my interview from like the beginning of February!!!!???? well.... here it is.... MONDAY! you will know monday...:)
3.) My mom... she is still living with us and is often doing my laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, cooking, and often times doing my errands and shopping! Yep she is like my live in maid for the moment... I will really miss her when she leaves... not to mention how much my dogs will! It;s so funny how much they truly love her... I cant seem to figure out how she does it just yet but one day i will....
4.) baby on the way? No, just to lay that out. It seems like EVERYONE is pregnant and having kids. I want one one day then the next i change my mind or dont feel ready and the list goes on and on. I am more ready now then i was when i first got married... i will just leave it at that:) BUT!!!!! for the first time in my married life...... which is ALMOST 3 YEARS! NOOOO woman on EITHER side is pregnant because Ginger just had her baby!!! I like that:)
let's leave this post to rest.


Don't be so quick to squawk

I have just realized this... well i can't say that i JUST realized this but there are certain random things that come to my mind... right now just happens to be one of them and luckily enough i am at my computer... Once upon a time I was a mean girl. I don't know why. I did not gain anything from it but i guess i sure did lose. I was out to dinner with a few friends the other night... they told me... "we vouched for you the other night" I said how is that??? They said there is a guy we hang out with who went to school with you and he just could not believe that you and Andrew had ended up married... For anyone who reads my blog you will probably agree with that. I was the converted LDS girl who was good for 4 years fell off the wagon to get back on to almost fall off again and in there i had my moments, dont we all. I can only say i WISH i would have done things different but i am not so sure that i would have. I mean sure i could have been that sweet little innocent grl who never fell victim to her upbringing but get real if thats what you were expecting. Think about this. I am for the most part normal. I never got into drugs when my parents were ALMOST columbian drug lords... haha I did not become a drunken alcolholic even though i was given the permission to drink ever since i turned 15... I did not get involved with TOO bad of people, and by the time i was 14 I had become a member of the most amazing church on earth. Hold on... I am getting somewhere with this. It;s not all bad... so back to my story... this guy said tha i was a pain the A in high school, and i WAS. I really was. I was only friendly and outgoing and make a fun life for myself the last two years of my high school of which the last year i had lost my best friend in the whole world to something that was a lie and i just bottled it all up inside and retaliated. For a moment i ruined my life. I thought about the words that guy had used to describe me in high school. No wonder why people were "worried: when they heard me and Andrew Crandell. I could only imagine in their eyes they are seeing a church full of innocent kids inside and i am the train roaring down the tracks a hundred miles an hour. That makes me sad. Sad to think that i was and still am the ONLY one to be able to make up for that. Not even make up for it but make it better from here on out. I so am the furthest thing from mean. I CAN be... like when i punch andrew in the kidneys, but other than that i mean to harm. I know since I dont keep in touch with many people that they would ever read my blog but to those who do and i was mean to you in my days of high school, I am sorry:( I was just a dumb kid who thought i was the most important thing in life. So just remember that next time when someone says I am a pain in the butt... I might be, but in high school i did not mean it:)))
Now on this OTHER thought of mine... I have CRAZY neighbors and they fight aLOT and just live a different lifestyle... bless them for that. But... I SERIOULSY have the most cool amazing super hot husband who truly truly cares and loves me... He is simply Ah-mazing. For that simple fact i am so thankful that he is the one by my side. Oh how i wish he were in primary with me on Sundays. I could use his skills, his patients and his understanding when a kid pulls a booger out of his nose and wants to share it.... There is just something about him being a priesthood holder that i just adore... I realized tonight that when i started crying watching the biggest loser that he sees me for ME. period. I am emotional a baby at times. He gets me things when i break my foot again... yes i did it AGAIN! and he does ot even call me the L word... Lazy... haha. I ditched church this sunday because of the broken foot on saturday and sunday morning i was wokent o him dressed and ready to go to church without me... that is a true leading example.
Here is my last thought for the night....
I can't even begin to tell you how much debt i see in my job. Everyday i see someone drowning in their debt or unable to manage money. Some are legit and some are just careless. I was able to get a 35 dollar fee removed today off a ladies account who is normally one of my regular customers. She is out of a job and hardly has any money at all. She did not ask for help, in fact she did not even know she got a fee yet. I just felt in my heart that giving her back that 3 dollars would make a world of difference for her. I called her up and let her know she got the fee because of a 15 dollar check that went through. I could hear the hurt in her voice when i told her and she said she would try to go do a side job to come in and pay it. I told her i took care of it as well as deposited 25 dollars in her account (it was not my money) . I was amazed at how her reaction was i can not even begin to describe. It just filled my heart. I did not DO anything really that makes me the hero... I thought i would try and help her and her boy out and in return she taught me a lesson that was just so indescribable i cant describe what i felt in words. When you think your life is hard- just think of someone elses. goodnight.


I just called to say... I'm sorry.

I just wanted to say sorry tonight. A heart felt sorry to all the Steelers fans who were so set that the steelers would not lose to a team like the packers.... Yay for cheese heads! :)


more good news

It seeme like this year is just full of good times so far! I am happy to say that I with the anticipation of this new wells fargo job that i have... went into it hoping that within 6 months i could have the opportunity to become a banker... I was told no that i had to wait 12 months... I have given this teller position everything that i have and it is HARD! Yesterday i was told by my manager that he thinks that i am ready to become a banker but that it is not a 100% guarantee... ughhhhhh. I have to INTERVIEW. I am bad with interviews i think.. I am so critical of myself! but... I am SOOOO excited... so here is kinda the scoop... I wont blab of what i make now because it is ok... but right now my bonus checks cap out every quarter just like the bankers... but if i make banker it could potentially be 10 times MORE! WHAT! yes.. 6 dollars more an hour and wayyyy bigger bonus checks. This would be amazing... Since i lost my oh so good paying job at verizon it has been a little tight so this would be such a blessing! I am so grateful that we both have jobs however and we have been able to pay all our bills and still have some fun, but i got used to making a good pay every year with VZW and it would be nice to start building the savings back up....SOOOOOO i interview with the big boss on Wednesday... I have to give a little something something on a non wes fargo product.... I have no idea what i am going to do!!!!! but... wish me luck!