Happy Birthday continued

My sweet sweet husband planned the night for my birthday but it was not chucky cheese! I was fooled, we played a few games of bowling with Amy and Leon's family (which i lost) both times... the second game only by 2 points though.... and then he took me to dinner at the olive garden. unfortunately the hour and a half wait drove us and the other crandell family apart... so I spent my birthday dinner with the greatest man;) We went and watched Prince Caspian after our delicious dinner on LJ's new Blue Ray DVD player, and man was it sweet.. Very good movie, and we were also entertained by the funniest kid Luke... So that was my birthday! It was alot of fun, thanks babe... oh yeah AND Andrew even got me a slushy at the end of the night;)


Happy Birthday...!

To myself! I am the big 22 today! How exciting it is... okay not really, just another day really... But tonight i get to go to chucky cheese! Andrew is such a fun husband, he planned a night of fun for me tonight and while i waited for him i made WHITE cupcakes with PINK frosting, so my grandma took a picture for me(although she is not very good with the camera) It turned out pretty good, job well done Gramma. I'll be sure to post my fun night later~


The love of a family

This was My first Christmas being married, but my second Christmas with Andrew. The joy of being married is so special, and was a lot to take in this year. We were able to both spend a week with our families this year instead of just one day and it was alot of fun. Andrew is such a loving husband and We are so excited to be starting our own family together! He is being so supportive in my doings now (especially with this blog;)) and he knows just what to do to make me laugh all the time. Merry Christmas to every family, and thanks for visiting my Blog!~

Back at the Crandell's

Andrew winking at me..;) Dang I have the sexiest husband!
Alice and Chester watching all the fun

All the kids playing their Present game.

We were partners, Micky and Minie Mouse!

Baby Landy, Lyla, and Jordynn.

I don't have much pictures of what took place back at the in-laws, but Alice and Chester gave all their grandbabies pajamas, and they got a big 42" TV from all the kids and a new bed and bedset from Caroline and Fred...We played Christmas Pictionary (which i had to draw the grinch!??) and a matching game where we had to find our buddy without looking at what was on our foreheads! It was such a fun night to see everyone so happy!

My first Crandell Christmas!

My funny Sister in Law! Amy being some sort of a reindeer!
Mandi's girl Jordynn, she is such a content little woman!

Marcie and Mandi, 2 of my other Sister in laws....

A whole gang of girls and one little luke. What a fun Day

Papa... Where's Granny?

This year was my first CRANDELL Christmas, Last year i was still a Starkes when i spent the holidas with Andrew. I got the pleasure of meeting my sister -in-law Mandi, Jonathon's wife, and her awesome 3 kids.. 2 boys and 1 girl... They are all so cute, and I like Mandi... not only because we share the same name... but she has a really sweet spirit;) We spent Christmas Eve at Granny and Papa's where we are soup, and had a christmas program where marcie sang a beautiful song as well as the kids.

Santa Clause

Brian and his Son Eric, he is getting so cute.. Eric that is...

My nephew Trey playing with a huge stuffed dog

Jaimin got a gun.

Me and My hubby, man i look tired! He got an Ipod though!

Every year we switch between the girls who will be hosting Christmas. This year it was at Kelli's and I guess she needed a vacuum...

More Gag...

And then there was the oven mit. Mike picked Brian and they both love- The Office- Happy gagging!
Kelli can now make all her best friends matching friendship bracelets! haha, good luck kelli

Andrew needed this yarn made dream catcher from my sis Brandi alright...... He loves it!

Kelli picked Ginger... needless to say...she was a little too late with her gift.

Gag Gift anyone?

I picked my mom for a gag partner, so she got an ugly snakeskin bright PURPLE purse.....
A awesome purple handmade sweater.....

and matching purple knit socks! all under ten dollars...! Thanks goodwill!

This year we decided to change our christmas routine up a little bit by throwing in gag gifts... which of course was my idea because I'm SO smart! It actually turned out to be a really funny idea in the end after seeing what everyone got! We had a ten dollar limit to spend... wanna know what you can get for ten dollars....

Christmas with the Starkes!

Family Picture.
My dad and Anthony.

Dad and Brandi 7 months pregnant with her 4th Boy!

My mom and dad... in the same picture! never thought that would ever happen again.;)

And then there is just my dad... Thanks for coming dad, we really had alot of fun!

This year was a very special year for our family because it was the first one that my dad was a part of in a few years since my parents split up! It was alot of fun, and my dad realized what a cool family he has! It was a little emotional, but we are so grateful to have him back a part of all our lives in such a big way!

A trip to the Salt Lake Temple

A few weeks back we were blessed enough to be able to attend a sealing in the Salt Lake Temple and it was so beautiful. We drove there for Andrew's companions wedding and were able to take along my sister in law so she could see her boyfriend as well! We met up with another one of Andrew's mission companions and his fiance Emily as well and took some fun pictures. It was a fun trip!