funny you should ask!

So i see my last text was about baby time... I threw most off by saying i was just holding off on a baby until i got going with this ne promotion at the bank of mine, but the truth is, we are pregnant! We have been off BC since last year and jusy have been waiting out when we would be fortunate and blessed enough to get pregnant. We are still so early and it feels like it it is going by so slowly! Our 3 year anniversary came and went in may2nd, i will have to post about it because andrew planned sucha special outing for us. in fact so special that we ended up pregnant! ha, funny how that works. I just thought i would clear the air because i have already heard some stuff like being "sucks for them" or they were not plannin it.... Well actually, we were and we both are so very excited and are very happy we waited for how long we did. We are in a great position to have a baby and are both ready for this little bundle of joy to meet us in January!