5 months old

I can hardly stand how fast my son is growing up! at his 4 month check up he was almost 15 pounds, 24.5 inches and just growing like a week. At that mark we started to give him a little bit of baby food but he was not interested at all. Andrew started giving him rice while i was at work and what do you know.. he LOVES it and now at times he even wont take the bottle and he wants rice! I have a feeling he is going to be gorwing a lot bigger here shortly. His first baby food experience was with sweet carrots and he liked them alright but he didnt have the hang of the spoon down, but now he is a true champ! He even sits in his high chair! At about 4 and a half months he was scooting too! He could get all the way across the floor but he has not yet figured out that he has to move one leg and THEN his arm to crawl, he just gets up on all 4's then thrusts himseld forward... but its gets the job done:) Right now we are working with him to sit up on his own which he is getting so well at!

North Carolina

I finally got the opportunity to go to North Carolina. Andrews Grandmama passed away and we took the opportunity to go and have the family meet Brighton and me to meet some of the family i have not met before. It was so nice being able to go to the funeral of his grandmama. I met her a few times and she is just a spitfire! She has made me several cards and sent them to me in the mail, ( i found out that was her tradition) and it was loved from all the kids. We stayed in La Grange at one of the family friends cabin and it was beautiful. Needless to say Andrew and I loved it there so much that we even looked at a house to buiy while we were out there... but my manager would not let me transfer!:( I am grateful for the gospel in times when a loved one passes because it makes it so much less painful to know that you will be with them for eternity. I learned a little more about grandmama and her relentless missionary spirit. I take a look at my husbands family and it all links back to how strong she was in her faith and her KNOWING and beleiveing the church was true. My mother in law being one of her daughter shad 9 kids which are all so wonderful and i know that they go to learn so much from grandmamas example.